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1394 net adapter drivers

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1394 net adapter drivers

  • Hi, I've just formated my DELL Dimension 4550 and I'm experiencing problems with the net adapter, since the drivers seems to be missing. When I googled it I got no results of where to download the drivers, only other ppl having the same problems.

    Where can i download drivers to the 1394 net adapter?

    Thx in advance//Undead Frogpirate Captain Scabby
  • http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen

    Input the Service Tag, which can be found on your case somewhere. I'm not exactly sure where, as i have never used a Dimension 4550.

    Will give you a list of all the drivers you could ever need for your specific model computer.
  • well, I've looked there, the drivers for the net apater aren't there to find.. :/
  • VersionTracker has a 1394 net adapter driver download------>here.

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  • 1394 is your firewire port and has little to do with networking, although Windows considers it a networking device.   If you install the chipset drivers for your system, the 1394 connection should be taken care of. 


  • beneteau wrote:
    I have no problem with Firefox. Haven't in over a year. Have several with IE. To each his own.

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  • I am having the same problem after re-formatting my friend's Inspirion 8200

    The device manager only lists the 1394 Net Adapter, and the only item that is flagged is the PCI Modem -- but there is no intention to connect via dial up and I know that he was able to connect via broadband before.

    We've downloaded everything relevant for the Dell site, including the 3Com and -- after seeing this post -- the chipset drivers.  Nothing seems to be making a diference.

    The 1394 says it's connected, at a speed of 400Mbps, but there is no activity.

    When I plug the ethernet cable in, the lights come on and it *seems* to recognize it.  I have even -- based on the post of another user -- tried powering off, replugging everything in, and powering up again.

    Did the restart after each new driver install...