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How to extend lease time on IP address assigned by DHCP Cable Modem?

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How to extend lease time on IP address assigned by DHCP Cable Modem?

  • Inspiron 6000, XP SP2, Motorola Cable Modem, direct Ethernet connection.  When I look at:  "Control Panel-Network Connections-Local Area Connection-Local Area Connection Status-Support-Details" I  find my "lease" from the DHCP server is only for one hour.   This short time period may be causing me some difficulty in maintaining my internet connection.
    When I look at this same property with my older Dell Dimension connected directly to the modem (instead of the laptop) I find the lease is for 12 hours. 
    Anyone know how to adjust the lease time?  I am, by the way, very much a novice.
    TIA,  Frank
  • read this, the lease time can be any number of seconds found in the router setup

    if you want the lease time to be continious i would opt to turn off DHCP and go with a static ip which is easy enough to setup..

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  • thanks, klbf.  I read the stuff but it's too complicated for me to follow or understand.

    The lease times I quoted were assigned while not using my router (WRT54G).  Just with the laptop connected directly, then the desktop connected directly.

    I was hgoping to find the setting that made the lease time the same for my laptop as for my desktop, without really understanding much about it :smileywink:


  • what wireless router do you have?
  • first things first.
    Is it a public or a private ip that your getting from the cable modem?
    If it begins with 192.168 or 10 1. then you have a private (nat) ip usually generated right in the modem (router). You may be able to change this dhcp lease time. Maybe.
    If you have an ip that starts with any other 2 or 3 numbers (the first octet) then your ip is probably generated by a dhcp server on the cable companies network.  You will NOT be able to change this. If you want an entertaining conversation with a person who failed at burger flipping before getting the "customer service" gig with the cable company, then you can call them and try to get them to understand what a dhcp server does. Loads of fun if you're drunk enough.
    Most cable modems are totally controlled by the cable company. pass your public ip as a static to your wrt54g and go on with your life. The drops are usually fixed by some network tech (you will never get to speak to them) who looks into the local distribution grid when the complaints from your sector push a workorder across his email.  So make a series of quick calls to tech support every few days and pretend to do the inane stuff the ex burger flipper is reading off the plastic covered pages.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the help, guys.

    My wireless router is a Linksys WRT54GS, but the lease times I read were with that router out of the system, computer connected directly to the Motorola "Surfboard" modem from Charter Communications.,

    I think Ken has the right answer.  Given my lack of knowledge and disinterest in studying the subject deeply enough, I'll live with what I have and not try the "burger flipper"!!

    Thanks much,