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Setting up wireless laptop but wired desktop

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Setting up wireless laptop but wired desktop

  • Hello.  I recently purchased two computers.  A Dell desktop E510 and a Dell Laptop B130.  I also purchased a Linksys Wireless WRT54GX2 with SRX 200 Broadband Router, but have not installed it yet.  I connect to the internet currently via a Cable Ethernet Connection Modem via my desktop. I haven't connected to the internet yet on my Laptop as I JUST got it.
    I want to set up my Laptop to be wireless.  I hear that it is good to keep one computer wired if possible.  Is that correct?  Is it a good idea to keep my desktop wired and have the laptop wireless?
    I really do not need to have my desktop wirelessly connected to the internet, however I wouldn't mind being able to share files between the desktop and laptop.  Does the desktop would have to be set up wirelessly to share files with the laptop?
    If I decide to have my desktop stay wired and my Laptop wireless, can someone please explain to me how the cables are supposed to be connected?  Right now my desktop is plugged into my cable modem via an ethernet port.  There is only one ethernet port on my modem.   Now, the Linksys router says the internet cable has to go into the router internet ethernet port.  Of course, if I do that then the desktop won't be connected to the internet.  Do I just plug another ethernet cable from the desktop into one of the other ports on my router?  Will that work without it being considered wireless...I mean will that be a wired connection?
    When I go to set up my Laptop wireless do I have to connect it to the internet first via the cable ethernet connection or do I have to just plug it into the port on the Router. 

    Thanks in advance.  I really appreciate the help as I am brand new to setting up a wireless connection.

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  • summerishere,

    First, take that router back and get a plain Linksys WRT54G, you wasted your money.  That router uses SRX technology and the only way to get the SRX speed improvements is to use SRX wireless adapters in the PCs.  The B130 with it's onboard wireless adapter is not compatible with the WRT54GX2 for anything faster than 54Mbps, the 802.11g standard.  You may get slight range improvements with the WRT54GX2, but they would be slight.

    Look at the installation manual that comes with the router.  It's a .pdf file on the install CD.  The modem connects to the router's WAN (or internet) port using an ethernet cable.  The wired desktop will connect to one of the router's LAN ports.  There are 4 available.  The laptop will connect wirelessly.  Since both PCs are connecting to the same router they will participate in the same network and will be able to share the internet connection and perform File and Printer Sharing.  The desktop does not need to be wireless.

    It's a good idea to have one PC connected to the router wired.  All manufacturers require firmware updates be installed over a wired connection.  And you need a wired connection to configure and troubleshoot the wireless part of the router.

    To connect the router, power off everything.  Connect the router to the modem and the desktop to the router.  Turn on the modem and let it synchronize with the ISP - a minute or two.  Then turn on the router and let it synchronize with the modem.  Finally turn on the desktop.  Once that all works move on to the wireless laptop.


  • Thank you Paladin for your quick reply.  Perfect instructions.  I will go and return the SRX Linxys router and get the WRT54G :(  I should of come here first before I bought it.  Then I will follow your instructions to get my desktop setup wired through the router and my laptop wireless.  Wish me luck!  I hope it all works!!
 other thing:  When I go to set up the laptop wirelessly, will I have to use an ethernet cable to plug it into the router until it recognizes the connection like you explained for the desktop? If so,  I don't have an extra ethernet cable so can I just disconnect the ethernet cable from the desktop from the router temporarily until the laptop gets the wireless connection recognized and then plug the desktop back into the router.  I know this sounds like a silly question, I just want to make sure I don't have to go buy another ethernet cable when I am at the store returning the router.
    Thanks again!
  • summerishere,

    "When I go to set up the laptop wirelessly, will I have to use an ethernet cable to plug it into the router until it recognizes the connection..." -- No.  The software controlling the wireless network adpater in the laptop has the capability to scan for available wireless networks and you will be able to select which one you want to connect to.  There will be your own network and perhaps some other neighboring networks.  Simply select your network and tell the software to connect.  The wireless connection will be established and you will be able to open a web browser and surf the internet.  No wires.

  • keep that router u bought dont give it back. You will need the longer range if you have the 2200 series intel pro card on the lappys. as for the router to the cable modem through ethernet wire to the computer is considered wired. keep desktop wired all the time. dont go wireless with the desktop. You will have to go to linksys site
    setup the wireless through that site. Change the SSID from linksys to your name or last name. This is so that when your lappys look for wireless networks hopefully u will connect to your network and not a neighbor. also if u can set the channel to 11. i think its normally set to 2 or 4. raise it to 11. this is a cleaner signal for when u have 2.4 ghz phones or a microwave oven in the area.