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How do I rename my SSID?

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How do I rename my SSID?

  • I had problems with my wireless network and had to reset my router. This has left my network open. Does anyone know how I can rename my SSID on the main PC?
  • Enter your web based configuration utility.

    Delete the SSID> Rename it> Save your settings.

    Make sure you change any other wireless cards you have to the same SSID.

    After making the changes you will want to turn off the broadcast of the SSID.
  • Sorry to sound thick but what is my web based configuration utility?


  • When setting up your router you had to enter the web based config. Mine is Yours may be different. See your router instructions on how to enter your routers utility. The number is placed in your web browser's address bar and then hit enter. This will launch the utility you need to make the changes for your security settings,ssid,firmware updates etc.
  • Many thanks for the help. Got it sorted tonight. :smileyvery-happy: