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Weak wireless signal on laptop

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Weak wireless signal on laptop

  • I have an Inspiron E1705 that gets a very weak and sporatic signal. By the way, I have a year old IBM T40 from work that gets a strong signal in exactly the same place. Is it possible to plug a high power antenna to the built in card, or do I need to buy a USB or PC card wireless adapter so I can use a high power antenna? Hawking makes a few different antennae that seem to fit the bill.
    Alternatively, is there some other way to boost the receptivity of the unit without adding an exteral device?
  • If your router has antennas try moving them around........not kidding seen it work. Also some router have adjustments for the signal strength.
  • Thanks, but I tried that. It appears to be a design flaw in the E1705 with the antenna. Perhaps it does not direct enough power it, or there is some kind of signal conflict. I have an old IBM T40 that gets a strong signal. It seems strange that a big pretty new Dell can not hold a candle (connection) to a little old IBM.
  • Is that computer new or did this just crop up... Ive bought a a few dell laptops over the years and typicaly the built in wireless work great with exclent range.
  • BTW the IBM ThinkPads are exceptional mach's
  • what type of wireless card do you have?? if you have an Intel card you can go into the advance properties and change some settings
  • It is the Intel unit that is included with the 1705. I believe the model number is 3945.
  • Right click on my computer
    left click on properites
    click on the hardware tab
    click on device manager
    click the + sign next to network adapters
    right click on your Intel wireless mini-pci card
    left click on properties
    click on advanced
    - depending on the type of card you have you may not have some of these options
    - left click to select:
    Throughput enchancement - uncheck "use default value box", use drop box to select enable

    Power management- uncheck "use default value box", make sure slider is to the highest point

    Preamble mode - uncheck "use default value box", use drop down to select long

    Transmit Power - uncheck "use default value box", make sure slider is to the highest point

    click OK, close device manager
    I'd go into the router interface and make sure the router was on channel 6 or 11, these channels have the least amount of interference
    - if you need help call router manufacturer, if ur gonna call em' make sure you have the latest firmware for the router as well !
    - good luck