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Inspiron 8600 Laptop - New Hard Disk, Windows - Finding a Wireless Connection

  • My Hard Disk CRASHED after two years.  Lost tons of Data including pics and video.
    Anyway, I purchased a new one from Dell and have Formatted it and re-installed Windows XP.  That said when I try to find wirless connections (SBC Yahoo DSL) I am not given the option of searching for Wireless Connections.  I am thinking that Windows may not be seeing the internal wireless card and therefore not looking (or giving me the option to look) for wireless hubs.
    Any suggestions?
  • After reinstalling Windows did you install all of the device drivers, chipset first?  If the chipset drivers aren't installed first, Windows will not be able to recognize or install drivers for other devices, like your wireless network adapter.


  • Could you please tell me and other computer unsavvy people where to get the chipset drivers.  I tried downloading the latest driver for my intel pro wireless and instead it uninstalled it.  Now I don't know what to do and there are several other people posting here with the same problem.
  • Did you ever think of going to the Dell Support site and clicking on the Downloads link?  For the Inspiron 8600 all drivers can be found at:


  • Oh, yes, I have been there.  The drivers will not download.  I turned off the firewall, McAfee and all the rest of the stuff recommended and it is a no go.  Believe me I try everywhere before I call Dell or post here.  My intel pro wireless is just plain gone, not listed in devices.  I think I will just buy an external adapter and forego all this hassle.  I just do not have time to straighten out these messes as it is now 12:30am and I have worked all night trying to fix this mess.

    And of course I have tried the old restart the computer also.

  • I just downloaded the drivers with no problem whatsoever.  What happens when you try to download?  Is your computer viurs and spwyare free?  Have you tried deleting your temporary internet files?


  • It goes to the page not found.  I thought the site was just busy but I have been trying all night.  I will try what you suggested but am just so frustrated now. 
  • I made progress and if I had really been thinking hard after the downloads did not work I would have tried it before.  I went to the Dell driver folders and found the one for the intel pro wireless and just reinstalled it.  At least it is back under devices now but whether it will work any better will have to wait until tomorrow.  I still think something is wrong with it just by all the posts I have been reading.

    Thanks for the help. It did help in a round about way.

  • Ok, after putting back the original drivers and checking some box to not connect to broadband or netzero I got my wireless internet connection back.  It worked wonderful all over the house with no problems.  I went outside for about 30 minutes and it is doing the same old thing.  There is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it in the system tray and the status is limited or no connectivity.  Do you think something just gets hot in my 8600 after awhile or what.  I got my old computer on wireless so I know it can't be the isp, right?  I went to device drivers and it said my drivers were the latest.  Should I still try to get those straight from the dell site or intel?  My warranty will be out in a couple more months and I would really like to resolve this problem.  If there is an article somewhere in these forums that discusses this just give me the link.
  • Does your other wireless computer work in the same location?  Are there any barriers that may be reducing the signal between your router and your location outside?  Do you know if any of your neighbors have 2.4 Ghz wireless phones that may be interfering with the signal.  Have you tried changing the channel on your wireless router to one of the extreme channels (1 or 11) to reduce interference from cordless phones?  If it is only outside that the problem occurs, then it is likely not really a problem with your wireless network card, but rather a problem with the environment.


  • Thanks for your help but I have finally came to the conclusion that is just is not going to work perfect.  I am on my computer now wirelessly in my kitchen just like yesterday and it is working great. I even have my 24 ghz phone plugged in.  All I did is unplug my router to reset.  I do not have close neighbors as I live in the country. I know from experience it will not last and resetting does not always work but I guess I will learn to live with it that way.  I will experiement a little more and see if it will work in the evenings wirelessly if I do not go wireless in the day.  I still think the network card just gets overheated.  It is a shame with so many complaints that Dell still puts that particular card in their computers still.