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Broadband/ADSL Patch Cable

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Broadband/ADSL Patch Cable

  • My DSL stuff came from Verzion and i see how to set it up. Service isn't
    going to be turned on until the 17th.  It said if you need a longer dsl
    phone cable than they give to use a Broadband/ADSL Patch Cable which i see
    sells for $13.99 for 25 FT. The main phone cable comes in up stairs but the
    tower where the router/modem will be connected is down stairs. The sent a
    spliter for the wall jack which splits phone & DSL connections since DSL
    modem/router will need it's own direct cable form the main box upstairs. The
    phone setup i have now has main phone line branching off to feed all other
    phones and basement computer so will one filters at the beginning before the
    branches take care of all the regular phones lines?. The DSL modem/router
    will need it's own direct cable form the main box upstairs and since the
    cable will have to be longer than they sent will the 25 Ft. Broadband/ADSL
    Patch Cable be what i need?
  • Your DSL connection should be live on every phone jack in the building so just connect the modem/router to the one that is most convenient.
  • Well that is where the problem is, every thing runs off one jack. A 25 ft phone cable pluged into the spliter runs to the basement and into 2 downstairs phones and computer. Up stairs it connects fax and laptop threw a power strip surge protecter. Verzion recomends having a decated phone line only for the DSL modem from the phone jack spliter While another line can go to phones. A question came up as to the type of plug on the cable cause i thought phone jack plugs were standard but soomeone asked RJ11 ends or RJ45. Radio Shack said RJ-14 gold-plated plugs?

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  • Come off the main line with the modem and a router and go wireless.
  • was thinking which would be better,  I can get a 50ft Belkin A3L791-S Category 5e Snagless Patch Cable (50 Feet, Blue) for $10.99 if i connect the modem upstairs and run to the basement tower ethernet card. Or buy a Broadband/ADSL Patch Cable and run a phone cable to the basement and hook the modem up there.  Verzion wants $169 to run a extra phone line & jack and that is crazy. The upsaitrs has a wireless pcmica card but if i hook the router upstairs then can hard wire the latop to the modem and just go wireless when moving it around.
  • Run the CAT5.
  • ok going to hook the modem/router upstairs. Got a 50ft Berklin cable for downstairs tower which will be set as main computer and i'll use the ethernet cable with the kit to hook up the laptop. The laptop uses a PCMCIA wireless card so figured it would be better to wire it into router/moden and just use wireless card when going mobil since it leaves the slot open. My question, when i want to go mobil do i need to do any fancy unistall equiment thing with XP like when removing the card or just unhook the cable and go?