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unable to connect to d-link router

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unable to connect to d-link router

  • I have recently switched to a XPS 400 from my old computer. I use a DpLink DL-614+ wireless router to connect my wife's computer wirelessly to mine. I can't log in to the router,, my browser just says that the page is not available. It worked fine with my old computer and I know I must just be overlooking something simple. Thanks for any help you can give...
  • Before we tray a total reset of the router, try powering down the router and modem then power up the modem and then the router in that order, waiting a couple of minutes between each.
  • I tried that already with no luck. I think the problem might be that the computer is not recognizing the correct ip address. When I check on my old computer with ipconfig it shows the ip addres to be that of the router. When I check the same way with my new computer it shows the ip address to be something like, or something which I believe is the address of the modem. Both computers TCP/IP properties are marked to "Obtain a IP address automatically".
  • One thought is to verify that a firewall isn't blocking you.

    Another thought is to verify that your new system is setup the same way your other computer was to network. Did you go through the Network Wizard in XP?

    What kind of operating system were you running before and what are you running now? What is your wife's system running?

  • First, let's try to analyze if you're able to ping the router, in your computer click on start > run > type cmd or command then ping your router i.e. ping If you're able to ping it, it means that you've a good connection with the router. Now our problem is your wife's computer. You're going to connect it wirelesslessly. When you're configuring wireless connection between the router and the client, makes sure that you're using the same Security i.e. if the router is using WEP, the client (your wife's computer) should also be using WEP, same SSID and of course should have same frequency i.e. 802.11A or 802.11B/G.

  • My wife's computer looks like it is connected to the router. I tried to ping the router and it doesn't work. For I have windows xp on both the old and new computer.
  • Try to release - renew our ip configuration, and after gaining the new ip add, ping the router, if still doesn't work, try to restart our computer, then ping the router. If still doesn't work, do a static ip to your computer, make it within the segment i.e. 192.168.0.x
  • I am no computer whiz by any means, but I finally got help with a similar problem...I contacted the D-Link people and they walked me through just about everything you said you did and then they had me reset something to do with the distance/or wireless range. They said from the factory the setting is always set pretty low. I was down stairs and I couldn't connect, but my upstairs desk top worked fine. They were really helpful but did have to pass me on to level two help after checking the ip address doing the ping thing and such. Here is their phone number...1-800-758-5489. Hope this helps.