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Inspiron B130: Setting up a wireless connection

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Inspiron B130: Setting up a wireless connection

  • I just got a new laptop which was the Inspiron B130 and I was wondering how can I set up a wireless connection. I have absolutely no idea how to go on about it. Do I need anything for it? I'm wondering because I want to be able to use it if I go to the library or some place.
    Help is greatly appreciated.
  • My understanding from reading many forum messages here, is the that the B130 does not have an internal antenaa for internal wireless adapter unless it is shipped with the wireless adapter.  Installing an internal antenna afterward is difficult.  Furthermore, the B-130 has an Express card slot instead of a PC card slot.  That eliminates that use of PC card wireless network cards, and Express Card wireless network cards have not yet been released.  That leaves your only choice - a USB wireless network adapter that would plug into one of your USB ports.  That should get you wireless access at the library.


  • Yes, you're right. I called Dell and they informed me that a wireless card is not included. Thanks for your help!
  • I have the B130 it came with an Dell Wireless 1370 Internel wireless (802.11b/g. 54Mbps ). That was inculided in the price. So get back on the phone with DELL and tell them , you want upgrade.

     Be VERY frim with them.

  • Alright. Sigh, there were -far more- errors that I've found out 4 days later than just no wireless cards(which I remember asking the salesperson to include in the upgrades). Ugh thinking about it just makes me mad, I wish the salesperson just got the order right...

    Thanks very much though.