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Need ethernet controller driver for Dimension 4700

  • Today I upgraded my OS from XP Home (What the PC came with) to XP Professional. The installed ethernet controller is not recognized by Windows XP Professional. The device manager shows it but with the yellow question mark.
    When I go to the command prompt and type ipconfig /all it will not show anything other than
    Windows IP Configuration
    with nothing under it :(
    I've checked the drivers section for the Dell Dimension 4700 and under networking it only shows Intel (R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection which does work. I have downloaded it, installed it, ran it -- still shows no ethernet controller, no TCP/IP information and of course has no connectivity!
    The Service Tag is: 65LJ561 and it is a Dell Dimension 4700 (desktop)
    Any suggestions? I've reinstalled XP a few times but it's always the same issue.

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  • Did you install the chipset drivers as the first drivers installed after reinstallation of Windows? Without the chipset drivers, Windows will not be able to recognize or install drivers for many other devices. Once the chipset drivers are installed you need to install the drivers for your network adapter, video adapter, audio adapter, and modem.
  • Yes I did. I installed the chipset drivers and the BIOS update.
  • If you updated the BIOS, you may need to clear NVRAM.  See the posts at the top of the Dimension - BIOS forum for information on clearing NVRAM.  Did you install the chipset drivers before trying to install any other devices?