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networking two computers in different cities

  • I work for a small business and want to connect to my work computer from home. work is about 30 miles away. how do i network my work computer with my home computer? the work computers are connected through a router and my home computer is connected through a wireless connection.
  • Jackson3000,

    IMO, the easiest way to do this is to use Ultravnc, a free remote control program.  Run the Server program at work, where it will be expecting to be contacted by the Viewer program at home.  You will have to configure the appropriate ports on the router at work so the Viewer program can connect.  That's explained in the documentation.  You will have full remote control of the work PC from home and will be able to transfer files if necessary.

  • is this a safe way to send data? i need to take every precaution to ensure data security.
  • Jackson3000,

    Encryption plugins are available, however I have never used them.  "When using such plugins, all UltraVNC data streams are integraly encrypted, making your connection really secure." - direct quote from the Ultravnc web site.  With an encryption plugin enabled I believe the data would be secure.

  • thanks for the help!
  • If you just want to pretend like you're on your desktop from home and not establish a true network, then windows XP has the functionality built in.  So long as the work computer has windows XP (pro?), you can remotely connect to it from your home computer.  You'll need to have your IT person forward the appropriate ports on your router (but you would likely have to do this for any type of connection).  From there, it's fairly well.  Look here for more info:
  • If encryption/data security are amoung your primary concerns,  you would probably want to look into using a VPN client to connect to your company's commercial firewall.  Where I work,  we use a CheckPoint firewall,  and we use the CheckPoint VPN client to connect to the firewall.  Once connected,  my PC appears as if it is within the office location about 1100 miles away,  and all data transmitted across the internet is encrypted.

    Once the VPN client establishes its connection,  I can use Remote Desktop or VNC to connect to a company PC and take remote control of that PC.  We even went the extra mile and our servers are attached to a KVM switch that is network attached,  allowing remote connectivity to the system to clear a "Hit F! to continue" BIOS message which happens before the OS loads.