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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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Wireless - Disable Upon Wired Connect

  • We are experiencing congestion with our wireless network due to a large amount of laptop users associating to AP's even when docked.  I would like to disable the wireless connection of laptops when docked or plugged into the 10/100 LAN; I found the following option in the Dell wireless client, it seems perfect:
    I have noticed that this option is not available on older revisions of the driver, at what revision did this option first become available?
    Thanks -Eric
  • Does anyone know how to do this via the registry?  I want to push this setting out via a logon script instead of having to visit each machine. 
  • Was a solution found for this setting to be made via GPO? We're needing to set this either with SCCM or GPO due to our limited wireless IP addresses.