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Wireless Keeps Disconnecting

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Wireless Keeps Disconnecting

  • OKAY - PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

    I have been pulling my hair trying to figure out why my Dell Inspiron 1150 keeps disconnecting from the Internet while I am at home. Here is a rundown of what I am encountering:

    - The Dell has a built-in Dell Wireless WLAN 1350 WLAN Mini-PCI Card with the newest drivers (just updated today).
    - My router is a NetGearWGR614v3 with the newest firmware (just updated yesterday).
    - I have tried factory resetting the router and this has not helped.
    - I am using WEP.
    - I have another Compaq laptop and it never disconnects or crashes the router.
    - Any time I go to a busy webpage (like buy.com) - something crashes my router. This only happens with busy webpages with lots of graphics, etc. - which is totally weird and makes no sense to me - but, it does not happen on light pages like Google or with searches, etc. Essentially when this happens I HAVE to unplug and plug back in the router to get it to re-set and re-connect. There seems to be some type of conflict with my laptop and the router, but I have no clue what. This never "used" to happen and just started about a month ago and I have not added any new programs or changed any settings that I can recall. I have had the router for over 2 years with no issues until now with no setting changes.
    - I have tried disabling Windows Zero Config and I have tried enabling it - nothing works.

    One more note - if I connect directly to the wireless router with a ethernet cable it works fine and I don't have any issues.

    PLEASE HELP ME because this is driving me absolutely MAD! :) Thanks, in advance!

  • donstmary

    Okay, are the WEP configurations identical? Is the SSID name the same? Does your router recognize the WLAN card from your 1150?

    When you installed the router, did it auto-configure itself? or did you configure it manually?



  • Yes - the WEP configurations are identical, yes the SSID names are identical and yes my router recognizes WLAN and it works - I'm online right now wireless, for example.  The problem is not with it working - the problem is with it working consistently and on "busy" pages like database pages or pages with a lot of images that are pulled in. 
    Yes - the router was default.  I changed some minor minor stuff, but beyond that nothing has changed and the kicker is that I have done nothing new to the router in the past 2 years and this problem is fairly new.
    Any other advice please?
  • donstmary

    I'd say that after 2 years of use, your wireless card has gone bad...

    Is it still under warranty?


  • The router is about 2 years old - not the built-in wireless card.  And that's the kicker though - I have narrowed this down and PROVEN that it is fairly consistent in the fact that it only boots me on heavy data Internet pages, etc.  If I am just surfing Google, doing light research, or on this forum (for example) I don't get booted.  There is no rhyme or reason to this, but I don't suspect that it is the built-in wireless, but rather some sort of conflict with "something" going on.
    Any other ideas please? :)
  • Oh - and yeah the laptop is about a year to a year and 1/2 and is probably still under some form of warranty - I haven't checked, yet.
  • donstmary

    When your laptop was hard-wired to the router, did it drop connection on those same web pages that dropped with the wireless connection?

    In your 1150, the hardwire connection and the wireless connection go thru two different pieces of hadrware within the laptop.




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  • No - I just tested this and it does not drop the connection on those same pages, but does with the wireless card.

    I understand that of course the wireless and hardwired connections are physically different, but I am baffled that the wireless works FLAWLESSLY on standard "light" webpages, but only crashes on busy webpages.  This makes no sense and made me think that it might be a setting on the wireless card utility or router that I was overlooking, but I have tried EVERYTHING.

    You would recommend sending the laptop back then (if under warranty)?  I really didn't want to have to do this.

  • donstmary

    If it is under warranty, you would not need to return the entire laptop. Dell will issue you a new card, after a bit of troubleshooting, free of charge. You can replace the card yourself. I'm not sure if you would even have to return the old card to Dell. If it is not under warranty, then everything would involve a charge. However, (If not under warranty) I would not recommend replacing the card at this time because, this could also be a problem with your router.

    Call Dell Tech Support for status of warranty...



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  • Thanks for your reply.

    I can replace the "built-in" wireless card.  I didn't think about that.  It can't be my router because I can't repro this on any other laptop or PC that I have.  It has to be some issue with the built-in wireless card, but I don't know what because again, it is only on large data webpages, which is so WEIRD! :)

    Thanks and I'll try replacing this part.

  • donstmary

    A good rule in troubleshooting " NEVER SAY NEVER".

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


  • LOL - yeah you are correct!

    Thanks for the link.  I have a co-worker bringing in an "extra" Dell built-in wireless card that I'll try. 

    I appreciate all the help and I will let you know what the outcome is.  Thanks again!


  • Glad to help...
  • Just a thought,

    Symptoms you are experiencing usually equate to one or more of the following...

    1.  Make sure your MTU on the WAN side is set to 1500 or to whatever the ISP is providing.  Mismatches here will be more apparent on the Wireless Side than the Wired side due to both the speed and duplex settings of the hard wired side.

    2.  Make sure your router and card are set for "short preamble"  Mismatches here or both set to long have big impacts on heavy traffic scenarios.

    3.  If you've checked the "statistics" and noticed a lot of errors (I think 1 or 2 more likely) then take a look at the Fragmentation threshold on both the router and card.  Normally these are set at their highest level (2346) if not, set them to that value.

    4.) Look at the DTIM interval.  Make sure it is a 1. 

    5.) Take another look for interference.  You may have gotten a new neighbor who has a new phone, router, or arc welder!!

    6.) Keep the Windows Zero Config Off!  Boot and make sure it stays off!

    and finally,

    7.) Make sure all wireless connections are running at the same "protocol" (i.e. 802.11 b or g.) If you don't have to support 802.11b, turn it off!

    Normally, these issues don't occur, but having experienced then "back in the day" these checks just might help your heavy traffic scenarios.

    OTherwise...good luck with your new Wireless Card!!!:smileyvery-happy:




  • Thanks a ton for the ideas.  I have tried most of them, but there are one or two in that list that I will give a try if this new Wireless Card doesn't work.  I just threw in a 1300 so we shall see when I get home tonight and if it still doesn't work - I will start pumping through your list.
    I'll update this when I know more.  I hope this nightmare is almost over.
    Thanks again!