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How do I create a network setup disk (no floppy drive)?

  • Hi
    New Dimension just arrived.  Trying to set up a home network + file and printer sharing with my old machine, running WIN98SE.  Last step requires creation of a network setup disk, but error message points out that I have no floppy drive or other removable media and does not seem to recognise the CD-R.  Another option would be to use the Windows XP disk, but Dell does not supply one!
    Does anyone know how to get around this?
  • If you did not get a Windows XP CD with your computer, you need to call Dell Tech Support immediately and request one.

    The other alternative, which is the one I always use because Windows networking wizard usually tends to mess things up, is to set up the network manually.  See the tutorial at


  • Hi Steve!

    Thanks for your speedy reply.  I'm in the UK, and in the box with my new PC was a piece of paper in the shape of a CD saying "your new computer does not require an operating system CD.....".  Oh really?  Seems I have needed one in the first couple of hours from opening the box......

    Anyhow I'll check out the link that you posted.  Thanks again.


  • Right you are! Dell's year-old policy of no disks causes more grief than any other topic on the forums.
  • It's not grief if you pay attention to what you are ordering.  The option is clearly there to have the media included with the system.
  • Clearly there?  I ordered a business side 5150 yesterday and saw no option to buy disks.  This morning I went through the online order process again to see if I could find the option, and despite pages of trying to sell me stuff I don't need or want, saw no option to buy reinstall and drivers disks.  So maybe it's "clearly there", but my glasses must be fogged up.  But the real issue is not whether the option to buy disks for a Windows system is there or not, I am a firm believer that the disks should be included since I bought a Windows computer.  Also, just reading through the XP posts gives a pretty clear indication of the problems folks are having when they don't have the disks.  And when the hard drive on my brand new 9100 had to be replaced I had to wait nearly two weeks for a supposed backorder of XP disks to arrive and be sent to me so I could reinstall XP.  Love that "next day" business gold service we paid dearly for.  Okay, I'm done.