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Adding Printer to Wireless Network

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Adding Printer to Wireless Network

  • Hello Everyone,
    I want to share my Dell 1600n printer that is hooked up to my wired computer so I can print from my laptop that is wireless. My wireless network connection is fine but I cannot add the printer to my laptop I use wireless. When I print out my network settings for the printer it gives me the IP address but it will not add on my laptop I use wireless. Are there some settings I'm missing on my wired computer in order to share the printer on the network? Please HELP!
  • By the way my laptop I use wireless is a Dell 9300 - FYI!
  • I'm answering my own questions - sorry everyone! By reading other threads it could be my firewalls on both computers are blocking me from adding the printer - I will disable the firewalls and see if that works - I will let you know! Thanks!
  • The firewall is one problem and if that doesn't fix it you will have to go to your network properties on your wired computer (control panel -- network connections -- whichever connection your WIRED computer is using) and make sure TCP/IP is installed and enabled (checked). If it is, go to its properties and click advanced at the bottom. Under WINS, you must click enable netbios over TCP/IP for printer sharing to work. After all of that, if the printer is shared, you should be able to access it from your wireless computer by going to run and typing in \\"Ip address of computer with printer" and going into the printers folder. Once there, you can right click on the printer and press connect to add it to the list of printers that computer can print to. Then you are all set. Hope that wasn't too confusing and helps!
  • Thanks for the info - the settings you asked me to check were okay but it was good to know anyway. Disabling the firewalls was the first issue but then I read a post to check the Computer Network Name that is usually assigned as a default. In my wired computer it was assigned as WORKGROUP and in my laptop I use for wireless it was assigned as MSHOME. I changed both to MSHOME and it brought up my printer to add on my laptop I use for wireless and it works great.
  • I have been having the same problems with my Inspiron 2200 and AOI 922 printer. I keep getting errors that the printer is not communicating. I am SO tired of calling or chatting with Dell tech reps who don't speak English. I bought a computer that was built in Texas. I wanna talk to a good ol' boy named JoeBob that doesn't read from a script !!!  I am going to try this fix as soon as I can. Wish me luck



  • Try changing the metric to 1 (advanced IP settings ) and you should be good to go. 
  • I have a Dimension 4600 that crashed last week and a Inspiron 6000, that no matter how many different ways I have tried, I cannot get it to find the printer.  I have run and re-run netwrk set-up, I have followed your instruction re: tcp/ip, I can't sign in to my 2350 router 'cause I can't figure out what my sign-on or  password is, etc..  I have used the troubleshooter (it's says it can't help), I have taken care of the problem where both had the same name, I even went so far as to load drivers for the printer to the Inspiron, but doesn't work.  By the way the printer is a Dell 940.  Another concern has been that on the desktop, when i go into My Netwrok Places, generally all I see is the LAN PRO/V100 VE NETWORK.  Support told me tha is what i should see.  There are times I do see the router, but it doesn't last long.

    Otherwise, the network is working fine.  What can I do about getting my printer to work from my laptop?

    Many Thanks,





  • Would this work on my problem?  If so, please walk me through the steps.  Mine is the next post after yours.

    Many thanks,


  • Explain to me why I can share documents through my wireless network, but can't get my printer to share. I would add 1to the metric, if I could find "the Metric" . Please explain. I have turned off firewalls, everything I can think of. HELP:smileymad: