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Wireless is connected, but I can't pull up a webpage

  • I'm having trouble with my internet.  My laptop would show that I'm connected to the internet, yet when I try to use a browser, I cant connect to a web page.
    I'm using a Linksys router (BEFW11S54v4) and a Inspiron 1150 with a Wireless 1350(b/g)WLAN miniPCI Card.  I'm pretty sure everything is hooked up correctly and everything but the laptop works correctly on its own.  I've talked to Dell's support for a hour and they blamed Linksys and after another hour with Linksys, they of course, blamed Dell. After talking to everyone, I'm sure that the configuration is good since I can actually connect.  Its not my internet connection because the wired desktop can connect just fine and I can also connect at Border's hotspot - but like I mentioned eariler, I can't pull up a webpage.
    I've pinged the router and recieved an answer, but I can't seem to ping anything else. Is there anything I can do to fix this.  Oh and dumb it down a bit for me, I won't be offended :)
    Thanks in advance.
  • Hi,

    a) How about a wired connection to the router from Inspiron 1150?

    b) Any other computers connected to the router that work fine to internet?

  • Hi,
    Please try the below as well..
    Connect the modem directly to the computer and follow the steps below
    Click on Start -- Run -- cmd -- Hit OK
    At the command prompt, try the below commands
    a) ping –f –l 1472  and hit enter
    Check if it gives a reply.
    b) ping –f –l 1462  and hit enter
    Check if it gives a reply
    c) ping –f –l 1452 and hit enter
    Check if it gives a reply
    One of the above three commands will give a reply. Take the four digit number where the reply is present ( 1472 or 1462 or 1452), add 28 to it and make a note of the final output.
    For example, if it is is 1452, the final output is 1480.
    This final output is referred to as Optimum MTU (Maximum Threshold Unit) Size. Disconnect the system from the modem and connect the modem back to the router. Check if the computer is able to ping the router.
    Open Internet Explorer and type into the “Address” bar
    You will be prompted for a User Name and Password.  Leave the User Name blank and input admin as the password then click OK.

    7.      Once you’ve done this you should find your self on the Filters tab.  Scroll down to the bottom and look for “MTU”.  Enable the option and input the optimum value you got earlier.  So for our example this would be 1480.  After that value has been inputted click Apply then Continue and you’re done.

    Check if you are able to go online after this.





  • The router is connected to the modem and theDesktop. Its like this: Computer --->Router<---DSL Modem (someone else needed to know how they where connected, so I thought I'd post that too.) So far everythign is working fine.
    The desktop is the only other computer on the network. And the laptop is connected wirelessly
  • Oh, I tried connecting it straight into the modem. I only get little to no connectivy.