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Latitude D505 wireless network problems

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Latitude D505 wireless network problems

  • I have recently purchased a second hand Dell Latitude D505. I formatted it almost immediately to install windows xp pro. I have been on the Dell site to download the drivers for all devices. Everything is working well apart from my onboard wireless card & wired network adapter.

    I have downloaded & installed almost all the drivers from without successfully fixing my problem. The 2 drivers I have installed at present are
    1) Intel (R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
    2) Intel (R) Pro/Wireless 2100 LAN miniPCI Adapter

    if someone out there has a D505 which has a working wireless connection & wired connection, could you please take a screen shot of your device driver list so I can see & maybe find the correct drivers.

    Thank you,

  • Are you sure you have a Intel WiFi card?  Your machine could have shipped with a Dell Truemobile WiFi card.  You might try d/l the Truemobile drivers (clicking on the drivers..looks like all the Dell WiFi drivers are with all the Dell cards). 
  • I have uninstalled the intel drivers & removed all copies of the driver from my laptop. I have installed the Dell Truemobile drivers with no success. I am not sure if the wifi card is dell or intel, is there any way of knowing for sure?
    When I reboot my system now it asks me specifically for the "Intel (R) Pro/Wireless 2100 LAN miniPCI Adapter" driver. Could the old driver just be cached somewhere on the system?

    When I have the "Intel (R) Pro/Wireless 2100 LAN miniPCI Adapter" driver installed, my laptop will find the wireless router signal & try connecting to it. It will then bring up an error saying it cannot connect and I should contact the network administrator, which is myself. On my wireless router I have allowed it to assign only 1 of 3 ip addresses. I have entered one of these ip addresses instead of "obtain ip address automatcally" in the tcp/ip properties of the wireless network. Then when I do an "ipconfig" I get a message saying "media disconnected". This seems to me that the laptop still cannot communicate correctly with the wifi card.

    Has anyone else found this problem or does anyone know how to fix it,



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  • I was having a similar problem once, except running win2k. After installing all the drivers from the cd, the pc would freeze when trying to run the Intel Prostep config util for the wireless. I called tech support after a while and the tech said that you have to install the drivers in a certain order. tried finding the information again on the website, with no luck. you think that's the kind of info they would give us...

    anyway, you might have to re-install the OS and install the drivers in a certain order. if I find it, i'll post

    The card in your laptop is the Intel card, and you probably have the right driver for it. Just some weirdnesses with the driver installation order

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  • Hey Justin, I got it sorted after a lot of trial & error. I eventually started again from scratch, installed my operating system and this time installed only the exact drivers I needed & checked each installation worked before continuing with another.
    I found that I was able to connect to certain wireless networks except for my own at home. I then found out that the driver for the wireless lan card only supported the b nework & my wireless router was set up on the g network. I have changed my router to run on the b network and now everything is working correctly.