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D610 WiFi light turning off

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D610 WiFi light turning off

  • My green wifi light goes off by itself and the only way to activate it is to toggle the
    fn-F2 keys, or reboot.
    I have updated bios to A04.  Updated the Intel 2200bg drivers and Toshiba Bluetooth Drivers to the newest ones on Dell's site.  Also I have a Linksys WRT54G router.  I have flashed it to the current firmware.
    Any ideas what could be causing this issue?
    Happens using battery or a/c adapter

    Message Edited by Erik W. on 07-25-2005 09:53 PM

  • Erik,

    Welcome to the user forum.

    My Bluetooth is a TM300 on a D800 with Widcomm Drivers.

    It only once "turned itself off, to save power" but I believe it had been caused by
    a check in the following location.

    Start; Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager, Universal Serial Bus Controllers,
    USB Root Hub (four of those on mine). Double click that line and open Power Management
    Tab and look for a check in "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power",
    no mention of 'on battery'. Only one for Bluetooth but I unticked all four, have plenty
    of power.

    While the Microsoft SP2 Bluetooth Stack had briefly taken control, there had also been
    one of those checkboxes in Device Manager in one of the Bluetooth lines as well.

    If none of those are checked, I would look elsewhere in all Power Management locations
    to find a 'problem causing' setting.

  • Art,


    It is actually the green "wifi" light that goes out.  I appear to maintain a network connection though.  The blue "bluetooth" light to the right of the "wifi" light stays on ok.



  • Hello,
    Did you ever manage to solve this problem? I also have the same problem and would really like to know the solution to this. I have found a temp solution which is disabling Bluetooth. With Bluetooth disabled it seems that the wifi light will stay on. When both wifi and Bluetooth are enabled I find that my wifi light turns off.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Kevin Nguyen
  • I haven't tried disabling bluetooth to keep the wifi light on.  The minute bluetooth is disabled on my D610, I get an annoying buzzing from the motherboard.  This is apparently a common issue (I'm not sure if it is really a problem??) with the bluetooth
    Anyone here have the same issue with the wifi light that does not have bluetooth on their computer?
  • Ahoi,
    i'm using a d810 and have the same problem.
    first i thought its caused by the bios or the driver or so...but i can confirm that it only happens when i use wpa2-security for my wlan. every time the dynamic-key (part of wpa2-security) is changed, the wlan-adapter looses for some moments the connection to update the security key (the green tray icon becoms black)...after the driver "has" the new key, the led is off.
    only solution by now is to use wpa or wep - but the led is only "cosmetic" - so i prefer to use wpa2 and wait for an updated driver :-)
    sorry for my bad english :-)
  • The latest Wi-Fi drivers from DELL have been modified to enable power management so to fix your problem I would suggest to do the following
    Goto Device Manager, under Network adaptors click on Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG and goto Advanced, select the Power Management section and tick the box Use default value.
    See if that works for you.
    Also make sure you have installed the Notebook System Software and Intel Mobile Chipset drivers