Wireless connection can't receive packets... Good wireless signal, but no internet connection

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Wireless connection can't receive packets... Good wireless signal, but no internet connection

  • I just got a new Dell 700m with Intel 2200 internal wireless card. For whatever reason, my internet connection will die even though I'm getting very good wireless signal from my router. This is a very annoying problem, because very time I change the channel of the router the problem will go away, but it will reappear again, so I have to change the channel of the router again and again (I even tried enabling WEP, but it does not solve the problem)!!!

    I do have a unique SSID for the router, and the channel is at least two away from the one the neighbor is using... Can this problem still be caused by interference??? Or is it something else? I have two other laptops with wireless (one ibook using airport card, the other using wirelss pccard running on windows 98) connecting to the same router (Netgear MR314) with no problem...

    I'm getting a very good signal from the router, but the laptop will stop receiving packets after working properly for a while (especially when I tried to download something, the connection to internet will just die--i.e. can send packets but can not receive them). Is this a Windows XP problem, my router's problem, the wireless card problem, or just too much intereference from by neighbors' signals???

    PS. I just ordered XP service pack 2, does that help?
  • Your channel needs to be at least 5 away from the one your neighbour is using.q
  • I am having the same problem.  I can surf the web fine for a few minutes or sometimes longer, then it just stops.  I try to access a new web page and nothing.  My wireless connection is good and I can ping my router.

    The problem seems to have improved a little by not allowing Windows to manage the wireless connection.  I let the Dell utility handle it.

    But the problem still isn't totally resolved.


  • I think I solved this problem by updating the firmware of the router, you can usually find this on the router company's website.
  • I am having the same problem with my Inspiron 700m using the Intel Pro Wireless 2100 adapter. It even seems that I can access certain website, but not others. However, on my old Inspiron 8100 using a d-Link wireless card, I can surf to those same website with no problem at all.
    I am going to try updating my router's firmware, but I don't see how that would affect one laptop but not the other.
  • I was actually having a problem when I plugged anything into the top USB port of the 700m, and started the computer, the wireless connection on the intel 2200 could not be made. If I plugged the USB into the bottom USB port, a wireless connection could be made. I think I resolved this issue by disabling the USB device on the top port and then enabling it again. After I did that, the USB was not interfering with the wirless connection. The tech support guy I was talking to also recommended turning off power managment for the USB root hubs that I had. It didn't seem to make much of a difference.