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Access Permission is Denied

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Access Permission is Denied

  • Hi It's me again!

    I have a Dimension 4600 Ddesktop and an Inspiron 8600 laptop. My Service Tag is 120LH41
    and my Express Service Code is 229-871-664-1.

    I can see my desktop from my laptop in Network Neighborhood => Entire Network => Microsoft Windows Network, but when I try to get to a shared folder I get the message:

     \\Dimension466 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission. Access is denied.

    What do we do now?

    Please & Thank You!

    Cheers!! <O:-)

  • If you have not yet upgraded to Service Pack 2, make sure that the Windows XP firewall is disabled.  Windows XP's firewall before Service Pack 2 will prevent file and printer sharing.  If you have a third party firewall installed, make sure that it is configured to allow local network traffic.


  • I uninstalled Service pack 2 because I would get page Cannot Be Displayed on Internet Explorer after a few minutes of browsing and Purchased Zone Alarm firewall instead, their is more plasticity with ZA. I installed it on my Inspiron 8600 laptop and Dimension 4600 desktop which are networked together, firewall is unchecked on all my connections, I can share Internet between them, but I can access files and folders like this:

    Dimension 4600 => Inspiron 8600, but not the other way around.

    Dimension 4600 <= Inspiron 8600. To me Service Pack 2 seems to be complicating things more than anything else. It's not the first time Microsoft has failed to achieve its goals and strategies (i.e. making business easier and computers user-firendly).