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Dimension 8200/Windows XP ethernet controller driver

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Dimension 8200/Windows XP ethernet controller driver

  • Hi,

    My PC has just lost its ethernet controller driver. I have found on this forum those for Dimension 8300/Windows XP and Dimension 8200/Windows 2000, but not my particular combination. Can someone please give me a direct link, this is my friend's computer and I feel terribly ashamed (not to mention stupid) to have broken it. Thanks for any help,


  • PS: service tag is D2N4311 (or D2N4811)
  • D2N4311
  • If you have the CNET ethernet adapter, which what seems to be indicated by looking up your the original configuration of your computer on the Dell Support site, using your service tag, then the drivers should be at:



  • Thank you Steve.

    Is there a particular order in which I should re-install things ? Controller before adapter or vice versa ? Right now, I cannot uninstall the CNET ethernet adapter (get a message saying the pc may need it to boot). There are 3 disabled ethernet adapters in the device manager: 2 for the CNET, 1 for a wireless USB adadpter. All 3 have "- Packet Scheduler Miniport" appended to their name, point to the same driver (C:/Windows/System32/DRIVERS/psched.sys), which doesn't seem right, and give me the same error when I try to unsinstall them. The 4th, which is a reinstall of the wireless adapter, does not say packet scheduler, points to a different driver, and sees the router. Yet, typing ipconfig produces no output (it just prints out "Windows IP Configuration").

    Thanks for any help :)

  • Steve,

    The link you gave me only provides a diagnostics tool... When I ran it it merely popped-up a window saying "NIC card not found". I know there is one, because yesterday morning it worked. Thanks,



  • Looking at the site, you are correct.  There are only two downloadable files there.  Even though it says "Drivers", one  is appears to be the diagnostics and one is an html file which is not likely to be drivers.  I checked other Dell Support sites other than the U.S. site, and found only the same files.  If you can't locate the correct driver on your Dell Resource CD, you might want to try the CNET drivers located on the CNET support site:



  • Hi Steve,

    Here is what finally worked:

    - take ethernet card out of the machine

    - uninstall all network adapters (to do this, we had to first uninstall the Quality of Service Scheduler, which caused us the receive a message saying that the uninstall failed b/c the device maybe required to boot - "failed to uninstall the device") in safe mode

    - put the ethernet card back in. it had kept all the drivers and we didn't even need to reinstall anything.

    - reinstall Quality of Service Scheduler

    I hope this post will save a few hours to other unlucky users...