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Printing from laptop, to desktop printer - using wireless router??

  • I have my desktop connected to a wireless Lynksys G router and my broadband cable connection going it. Also have a laser printer connected to this desktop. I use a PCMCIA card on my laptop to function with the router so I can use the internet around the house.

    Is it possible to print from my laptop to the printer connected to my desktop using a router setup like this? Or, do I need additional equipment? If it can be done with just this equipment, what do I have to do to make it work.

  • Yes, it is possible.  I have mine setup exactly like this - my 6 wireless clients print to a wired desktop with a laser printer attached.  The main criteria is the computer with printer has to be on or there will be no access to the printer.

    You shouldn't need additional equipment and if your file sharing is working fine, then you'll find sharing the printer to the network should be just as simple, although I have come across one of two old HP inkjet printers in the past that didn't like being shared.  You didn't mention which OS you are using so here's the instructions for Windows XP.

    The principle is the same with other Windows versions, but you may have to install your printer driver manually on the client if it is using a different Windows version.

    Happy networking!


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  • I am running Win XP Pro and thought that this should be just this easy, HOWEVER it doesn't seem to be working.

    I have made sure that all equipment (printer, 1st computer, 2nd computer, router, etc.) is on and that printer sharing is enabled on both computers. Have also checked that 'file & print sharing' is listed as an exception to the Windows firewall. I also added a IP address (using the wizard) to the Nortan Internet security firewall - I guess this was for my laptop.

    When I go to add a printer, and select the network printer option, then browse for printers - I get a box listing 'Microsoft Windows Network' as shared printers. When you click on this, you get an hour glass for several seconds, then nothing happens. I can't go any further. It seems that the nothing is being detected...

    Not sure what to do from here.

  • Ideally it should be easy, just like in the article.

    Your problem might be caused by the firewalls running on your computers.  I use ZoneAlarm (it's free!) so I'm not familiar with Norton's firewall products, but have you tried disabling one of your firewalls?  I would try the Norton firewall first.  Your network should be safe still since you have your router's NAT (or even its firewall) and Windows Firewall to protect you from intrusions.

    As a very last resort, add NetBEUI protocol to your network and bind File and Printer Sharing to it alone - it works like magic every time I try to setup sharing for friends via TCP/IP and occasionally the setup fails.  There is nothing to configure on NetBEUI so my friends can't mess it up afterwards - helps me to sleep better at night.

    Hope this helps, and happy networking!



    Please don't send questions about your issues to me by Private Messages; post them in the appropriate board so everyone can read. Thank you.

  • mandy3,

    If the printer is physically connected (cabled) to the desktop system, yes.

  • i got a d link 624, can the printer go to the router then to the desktop (all wired)? would the desktop have to be on then to print something from the notebook (wirelessly)
  • mandy3,

    If the printer has a network interface, or can be equipped with one, then the printer could be connected to the router. If it doesn't, here are some ideas from Linksys about wireless and wired network print server products.

  • i have the dlink 624 so i dont think those products will work.


    i followed instructions for set up of the printer. it is connected directly to the desktop, wired. i set up on my printer setttings to share the printer. now in order for my laptop that is connected wirelessly, to be able to print what do i do? do i connect it to the printer (take the cable out of the desktop and connect to the laptop) in order to set it up? or do i connect the printer to the router? or should my laptop that is connected wirelessly be able to detect the printer with my current set up (printer to desktop)? it doesn't if that's the case. please help me set this up. i want the laptop to connect wirelessly to the printer and the desktop wired. thanks.

  • mandy3,

    Once you've shared the printer from your desktop, you can connect to the shared printer over the wireless network connection from your laptop. You don't need to physically connect the printer to your laptop.

    I found this illustrated guide to printer sharing that should be helpful. In case of difficulty, this troubleshooting guide should help sort things out.

    (edit) If you do want to connect the printer directly to your network, the wireless and wired print servers from Linksys, or from any other vendor supporting Ethernet and wireless standards, should interoperate with your D-Link router without problems.


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