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Intermittent Wifi Connection *FIXED*

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Intermittent Wifi Connection *FIXED*

  • These are the steps I've done to correct the intermittent connection problem with my 1180 internal minipc. Infact I went out and purchased a Linksys WPC11 wireless network card to see if it was only the 1180's problem, and the result was both had the problem.

    Step 1. Update your Access Point with it's latest firmware. You can find this at the makers web site.

    Step 2. Download the latest drives for your Wireless Network Card. Dell's 1180 Internal MiniPC can be found at the downloads tab above, along with the other ones. Also found at the makers web site.

    Step 3. Since I wanted as much security as possible, I used WEP 64 bit (i believe that is all the 1180 can handle), and mac filtering. Do not use these until you have this internmittent connection fixed. Once you see the problem is gone, you can enable these, (it will not effect the problem if done correctly)

    Step 4. I actually disabled UPnP, because another user provided it as a solution. I didn't correct my problem, but I didn't change it back either. I disabled it by doing this. Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Network Services > Disable it here.

    Step 5. Goto your desktop, right click on "My Network Places" goto properties. Right click your wireless network card connection and goto properties. You will see the fallowing screen. Your adapter will not say the same as mine, as I am posting screen shots from my desktop, but they are the same settings I assure you.

    Step 6. Windows XP Service Pack 1, adds an additional authentication IEEE, disable it by clicking on the Authentication tab in the above screen, you will now see this, uncheck Enable, click OK

    Step 7. In your router, you can keep your DHCP properties set to enable, but on your wireless network card back at the Internet Properties page. Click TCP/IP, click properties. You will get the fallowing page. IP Address, you may want to use the same, or pick a different one. The first 3 octets must be the same as your router. Subnet mask must be Default gateway must be the routers IP address, and the DNS must be the IP address of your DNS Servers that you can get in your routers setup page. Don't use Click OK

    Step 8. Now make sure you hit OK on all the screens and not clicked the X or Cancel. Restart your computer and you should have intermittent free connection. If you have any questions you can contact me on AOL Instant Messenger S10XtremeNSlamed

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  • I believe the 1180 supports 128-bit encription.
  • My 1180 is currently set at 128-bit WEP, and works fine.


  • oh really, ok i'll hvae to check mine.
  • Either way, you have provided the forum with valuable insight. Well done. I give you five stars.
  • I agree and also gave 5 stars.
  • Garasu wa hanbun kanzen hanbun kara de nai.  Aru hitsuyou ga aru kousei na ookii garasu wa nido.

    Interesting.  The first sentence is fairly easy to understand but that second one loses me.

  • Brandon:  in step 7, have you tried "obtain ip address automatically"? Could it be the culprit?
  • It is supposed to be the first quote, but I probably got the translation screwed up. I not terribly good at it yet.
  • yea i did try obtain an IP automatically (DHCP) and it seems with that it would cause all the problems....
  • I solved my problem of cyclic connections by following another root (and posting from another user).  Basically I opened up my D-Link 520+ PCI card ($49.95 from BestBuy after rebates) from my desktop (not used since I bought my I8200) and extracted the MPCI card from the PCI adapter.  Then, I replaced the 1150 in my laptop with the MPCI 520+ and installed the drivers. 

    The biggest difference is that the driver allows you to manually configure the card instead of having windows do it automatically (every 3 minutes).   This works on several levels: 

    1)  My connection no longer cycles every 3 minutes

    2) I can use D-Link's 256-bit encryption, as I have a D-Link wireless hub

    3) I can use D-Link's AirPlus technology and get 22Mb/s tranfer rate

    Again, this is not my solution, but one that has worked fatastically well for me.

  • Based on the card itself or the drivers, can you tell which wireless chipset the Dlink 520+ uses? I'm hoping its something compatible with Linux... though I may wait to see if their 802.11g card can be used in the 8200 as well.


  • Awesome! thank you so much!!!  I'm getting My stuff delivered Monday - so this really helped alot!  Getting all dell stuff (adding to my current dell "stuff") and have the new mini one.  thanks this info surely will be helpfull
  • do you happen to have the link to instructions on how to convert the 520+ to mini pci, or a basic procedure? that would be much appreciated, thanks.
  • Look at the 520+, see how to take off the metal shield, take it off, look at how the antenna connects to the mini-pci, remove it, hold the retaining clips on the mini-pci slot connector and remove the mini-pci card.  Insert it in your notebook and connect the antennas to the two connectors on the mini-pci card, or to the "Main" connector if only one antenna lead in your notebook.