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Inspiron 5100 - Broadcom built-in network adapter problem

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Inspiron 5100 - Broadcom built-in network adapter problem

  • Hi!

    I have a problem with my Inspiron 5100's built-in network adapter :

    When I plug in a network cable (I tried several cables...), the PC seem to detect the connection but it drops it after one second, detects it again after one second, drops it, and on and on... the orange and yellow leds over the ethernet plug go up and down each second...

    The adapter is installed correctly in WinXP...

    I cleaned the ethernet port's pins with contact cleaner... always the same problem ;-(

    Any idea?
  • Sounds like a link speed negotiation problem. If possible, set the speed and duplex the same on both ends of the Ethernet connection, and see if that stabilizes things.

  • Mmm... the problem arises on all kinds of connexion types : connected directly to a Linksys router (100Mbps), connected directly to a cable modem (10Mbps), connected to another computer using a cross cable...

    Any other idea?
  • Do the I5100 diagnostics include a test of the Broadcom adapter? If so, take a look with them.

    Have you ruled out the possibility of link speed negotiation being the source of the problem by locking the speed on the 5100? I admit, with that many different failures, it's unlikely that speed negotiation's the source of the problem.

    Has the adapter ever worked?

  • Try the latest driver directly from Broadcom linked below in my sig area.
  • Called service by phone and tolled them what the problem was... but as soon as I started doing the tests they asked me to do, everything worked... before I even touched a thing!

    There are thing like that in life...

    Thanks anyway!