Wake on LAN/Remote wakeup on Dell 4600

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Wake on LAN/Remote wakeup on Dell 4600

  • I am trying to set up my Dimension 4600 desktop running Windows XP so that I can leave it in Standby mode but still be able to wake it up from another Windows XP notebook on my home network. Someone suggested I enable 'wake on LAN' but I can't find how to do that. I looked through the BIOS Setup page and also searched through the Dell Community Forum without success.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,
  • This is enabled within the BIOS by default, and there is no specific Wake On LAN option to disable this feature. However, within the BIOS, enter the Power Management category, and ensure that Low Power Mode is set to Disabled. If this option is enabled, Remote Wake Up events will not power up the system from Hibernate or Off states.
  • Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for.

  • Cody--

    I've been testing out software for remote access on a dell dimension 4600 that's running Winxp Home and have been experimenting with the wake-on-lan.

    The NIC is the onboard broadcom 440x that came with the desktop. I found this post while trying to get configuration settings for this option. I noticed that on the properties for the network adapter it has a power management tab where it allows you to enable it to shut down the device to save power.

    Is this the same as the BIOS setting you were speaking about ? Or is it broadcom specific because you mentioned there was no disable feature except what's in the BIOS ?

    Also I've noticed that even with this option selected in the NIC properties that the RJ-45 input on the back of the machine is still lit up, so did it actually shut it off the NIC or does it just lower the power usage on it but leave the light on ?

  • - ...on the properties for the network adapter it has a power management tab where it allows you to enable it to shut down the device to save power.

    This option only affects the onboard NIC when Windows is in a Standby/Suspend state; it does not affect the adapter when the system is powered off. If the system is on a network domain, it is not recommended that you enable this option, as information may still be exchanged between your system and the network even while the system is Suspended.
  • I am trying to get Wake-on-lan working on a 4600 as well. Mine has a intel nic and I have made sure that the low power mode is diabled and it will not wake up with the Magic Packet. I am using a Multicast program from solorwinds. I have verifided that multi and broadcast are enabled and still nothing. What am I missing? Please Help



  • Same here I've been trying to wake an internal NIC on LAN over the net on a dimension 4600 and I still do not have it working.  BIOS shows low power disabled and Ive tried every setting in the adapter properties.  I cant get it working on standby / hibernate / or power off.

    I'm using remote administrator's "Advanced IP scanner" to send the magic packet.  It works in conjunction with remote administrator.

    Any help ?