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GX110 transfer rate problems

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GX110 transfer rate problems

  • Does anybody have a problem with file transfer speed issues on the new gx110 866's. with 256mb ram.
    One of the groups who got 8 new machines are complaining about file transfer speed, they tried copying a 50mb file to the server and it took 31 minutes.

    I tried using my old dimensio xps and it only took 2 minutes, which onyl has a 300mhz, 90mb ram.

    Any problems with the nic cards? People are telling me it has an ide HD but 25 minutes difference, I dont think so....
  • Now that I think of it my system Dimesnion has 3COM 3C905C-TXM
    same as your integrated 3C920

    When I was hooked up local via crossovercable and were getting files
    off my system I notice the the system with 3com started to freeze up
    and get slow and stall. Also noticed this on a custom built system
    Try upgrading the drivers to the latest ones made in 2000!!!
  • I think there's a problem with the integrated nic cards especially trying to run the nic diagnostics. I installed an old 3c905-tx pci nic card and disabled the integrated one. NOw it transfer the file in 30seconds compare to 31 minutes...

    I just want you to know in case you hear anything from dell about this...thanks for your help by the way..
  • I have just purchased my first 2 Optiplex GX110 and suffer the same problems. The slowness only happens when communicating between the Dell machines. I put them both on a local hub but no difference. Both talk perfectly to any other machine! Does anyone have a problem with network drives disconnecting in Win2000 on these machines?
  • Thanks for your reply, I changed the nic card to a non integrated nic and it's working fine. The problem is we have over a hundred of this machines and I'm not about to install a different nic for each and everyone of them. I called dell tech support and they told me 3 things one try using the original os install that came with the machine which didnt work, second try re-installing the drivers which I already did and didnt work, now they're blaming the cisco switch so what is it? Well, I still have the ticket open and where doing a lot of testing. Why dont you try uploading a 100MB file to the server using the integrated ni then try using a non integrated nic the difference will be 30 minutes.
    I'll let you know what solutions we come up with and also let me know if you find something else.


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  • I am using a GX1 with the internal NIC and it does seem to show our network drives disconnected with the red X on the drive. When I click it though, it comes right up. Don't know if this is an internal NIC problem, or if it is a WIN2K problem. There is no pattern on when it will show the dirves disconnected.
  • any news on that topic available? i would be interested too in any additional insights :)... geo