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Conexant HSFi V.92 data/fax/voice modem-on-hold -- does anyone know how to make it work on a V.90 ISP?

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Conexant HSFi V.92 data/fax/voice modem-on-hold -- does anyone know how to make it work on a V.90 ISP?

  • With all due respect, Dell Support has been very unhelpful with this problem. I spent considerable time on-line with a support person, who had no useful advice.... imho.

    I have a new Dimension2350 -- in general I think Dell supplied a great computer. I went low-end, but feel I got a lot for my money! However... does anyone have any advice to get MoH to function.

    My understanding is that partial functionality is possible under a V.90 ISP service -- as one example, see write-up:  With a V.90 connection, with phone line Call Waiting activated, the MoH software should detect an incoming call, and give the option to ignore the call or accept the call (and disconnect from the dial-up connection) -- obviously, putting the dial-up connection is not possible without a true V.92 ISP service).

    So far, I have not been able to coax my modem or MoH software to detect incoming calls. I know the Call Waiting is working, because callers do not get a busy signal when they phone --- it rings and rings for the person calling in. I've confirmed that my ISP uses V.90. I'm not well versed in reading the modem log file, if anyone can advise how to confirm the kind of connection that's actually happening (V.90 or otherwise).

    Dell assures me there is no need for a driver upgrade.... do I believe them?  I have found some possible driver options on the Dell site, but the installation was unsuccessful. The installer gets most of the way through the installation, and then reports back a failed installation.

    Has anyone had success with this arrangement? Is there some modem set-up string needed? Do I need another driver? Another MoH applet? (I'm trying to use the Dell MoH right now, but have also tried the generic Conexant applet)

    Appreciate any advice -- thanks!

    cheers,     Canuck -- a Bell Sympatico dial-up customer in southern Ontario


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  •   Modem on Hold only works with a v.92 incoming ISP phone line [as well as having call waiting and a v.92 modem].  Really!
  • According to several sources, including the link I included in my original post, the partial V.92 functionality of being able to detect and accept and incoming call (and disconnect the dial-up connection) should work on a V.90 ISP. I'm no expert on this, but that's what I've read.
  • The actual ITU recommendations allow MOH to work even with a v.34 connect. How a particular manufacturer impliments the recommendation is another thing altogether.

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  • I agree.


    The link included in the orignal post seems to apply to that particular modem, not the oone in your Dell.

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  • I'd like to challenge that position (that it depends on the manufacturer). Here is another link, from an ISP, making the same statement about V.90 partial functionality -- so from their statements, it would seem not to be a modem manufacturer issue ( Isn't the standard the standard? If V.92 represents a particular standard, it wouldn't reallly make sense that manufacturers would then go out and do something less than the standard -- if so, the modem they're selling shouldn't be labelled V.92.


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  • It isn't a "Standard", it is a "Recommendation". The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) study groups make and adopt recommendations as to modem transmission protocols. The modem manufacturers are free to adopt them in whole or in part as they see fit.

    Per an Agere engineer I was talking to on comp.dcom.modems, Agere chipsets support MOH even with v.34 connects, as specified in the ITU recommendations.

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  • Thanks for the standard/recommendation clarification.

    I'll try another approach to my argument!

    Here's another link ( including a discussion on claims of V.90 partial functionality. It makes reference to Conexant/BVRP NetWaiting release notes supporting the position that calls can be taken in a V.90 environment.

    Maybe I should try going back to their basic NetWaiting app, although it seems Dell has simply taken theirs and put a flashier skin on it. In my non-productive session with Dell on-line, one suggestion was to get in touch with BVRP........

  •  What's wrong with these arguements?  Well, some of you are saying that a v.90 modem can act as a v.92 modem.  That's not the question!  The question is: Will a v.90 ISP phone line support Modem on Hold?  The answer is:  Definitely not!  You need a v.92 ISP connection----really!
  • OK, to clarify what I said earlier. If both the modem and the terminal equipment (host) support fully the v.92 recommendations, then MOH is possible even if the actual connection is as slow as v.34.

    If either the modem or the terminal equipment does not support v.92 at all, then MOH is not possible.

    If both the modem and the terminal equipment support v.92, but either one or the other do not support all of the extension of v.92, then MOH may be possible only under some conditions - such as a v.90 or better connect.

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  •  I think you misstated your message, Double -- I don't believe anyone is talking about a V.90 modem in this post.

    There are many statements (I refer to the links provided, including one specifically referencing Conexant/BVRP) about partial MOH functionality of a V.92 modem in a V.90 environment. That's my scenario -- I'm looking for any suggestions to get that partial functionality working.

    Appreciate the comments -- keep 'em coming. Can anyone help me!

  •  Hey Derf... I think I hear you. You're making a distinction between a V.90 connection from a V.92 ISP, vs a V.90 connection from V.90 ISP. You could have a point. But then again, my first link specifically uses the wording "Incoming call when connected to a V.90 server" -- not a V.90 connection on a V.92 server. Hmmm.
  •   Go with an ISP with a v.92 phone line.  Even with that, MoH is tricky to set up as many of the v.92 modems [and their drivers] do do guarantee that MoH will work.  I went through 3 v.92 modems before I got MoH to work [with a v.92 ISP phone line and call waiting].  MoH will not work unless you have all the right tools!
  • I wish I could find a V.92 ISP -- haven't been able to locate any serving southern Ontario. Have been in contact with a number of ISPs, but none have immediate plans to migrate to V.92.