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Dell XPS 13 9360 Wifi disconnection and router AP crash Issues

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Dell XPS 13 9360 Wifi disconnection and router AP crash Issues

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Hi All,

I received my brand new Kaby Lake powered Dell XPS 13 9360 a couple of weeks back and I have been suffering from wifi disconnect issues since then. The USB LAN connection works perfectly using the Dell USB C adapter.

I have tried all the standard troubleshooting steps:

1. BIOS and Killer 1535 Wireless Adapter Driver updated to latest version  (including uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless drivers)

2. Updated Windows 10 to the latest anniversary edition

3. Changed Power Saving settings on the Wireless Adapter using Powershell commands as there are no Power management options for the Killer Wireless adapter in Device Manager 

(Disable-NetAdapterPowerManagement -Name "Wi-Fi" -NoRestart)

After running the above command I get the status of the relevant power mgmt parameters as below (though not sure if its really effective)

DeviceSleepOnDisconnect : Inactive
WakeOnMagicPacket : Disabled

 4. Installed the latest Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 10

Even after running step 1 and then later step,2 the wifi connection used to disconnect after some time (especially when a large file was being downloaded or any high network usage activity). Running a speed test of my broadband connection is a sure way to disconnect from wifi. More importantly this disconnection used to crash the Access Point on my TP-Link WR841N router which caused all my other devices to lose network connection as well and required a Router restart.

After steps 3 and 4 I have noticed the Wifi disconnections are not happening any more (atleast for now), but the Access Point crashes continue as it is, so effectively the wifi does not disconnect but the router AP crashes and needs a Router restart.

So my question to you all is do I need to change any config on the Wireless setup of my router to ensure the AP does not crash, or the should I change my router and get an AC router. If the router might not be the issue then it might be due to Windows 10 and the known issues with the Killer 1535 Wifi adapter itself.

I tried changing the Channel Width to 20 MHz but it reduced the network bandwidth and gave me 1/3rd of the available speed. 

Any help and pointers especially keeping my specific router issue in mind would be much appreciated.


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  • Still no solution available - Killer Networking updated their drivers on Feb 20th according to their website:

    I have one of that Killer-1535 cards installed in a Test XPS13 9350 which was still shipped with a properly working DW-1820a.

    Replacing the card renders this Model useless, even switching to that mentioned driver from a clean Win10 installation still leads to the usual timeouts. The drivers shipped in that package have a timestamp of Sep. 21th 2016, so they have not been updated at all but are at least 5 month old. So unlikely something (positive) would happen here.

    The "Solution" which is marked "Verified Answer" here multiple times - come on, thats more a joke.

    Forcing the Wifi card to operate on 2003s IEEE 802.11g cant be taken serious.

    You also wouldnt consider "Install WindowsXP" is a proper answer.

    Dell should either make sure there is a proper driver available for their Hardware, or switch the Vendor.

  • There are two issues here. There is a "Wifi Disconnect ONLY" Issue people are experencing. The new drivers above are spose to fix that issue.

    The 2nd issue is the "AP/Router Crash Issue" (with the TP-LINK Archer C7 and other routers). This issue people are experencing is not solved with the new drivers.

    The above drivers are dated when I install them: v12.0.0.296,  Feb 12, 2017

    I must admit I been very impressed with Killer Support, when I talk with them. Very responsive and knowledgable. That said, I am glad they are fixing issues, and glad the Wifi Disconnect issue is solved (I never had that issue). The Router Crash Issue is still present in the new drivers though. And talking with support, they do not have the hardware yet to even reproduce the issue. They are working on trying to solve that, but I assume it'll be a while until they have all the hardware nessasary to reproduce the issue, let alone start making a fix. Eventulally router firmwares will be patched, and Killer won't even be able to reproduce the issue, so nothing will be done to see how the Killer Card is misbehaving... TP-LINK is working on updated firmware and it's beta has been released (haven't been able to test since I am on OpenWRT/LEDE currently - which still has issues). Not too sure about all the other routers firmwares which have issues.

  • Thanks for that tip - yes those drivers from the "Driver only" Package are indeed newer ones):

    (old: 2016-08-30 / v12.0.0.279, new: 2017-02-12 / v12.0.0.296).

    Unfortunately they dont change anything to our stability problem, this is still the same. (tried different settings to Preferred Band, Roaming Aggressiveness, only enabled n/a/ac (so disabled b+g), there is just no change - i have to actively search for a place where this laptop works halfwhat ok when using the Killer 1535.

    Below: the laptops IP, is its gateway.


    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=12ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=12ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=9ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=4ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=8ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=11ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=7ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=7ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.
    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=10ms TTL=255
    Antwort von Zielhost nicht erreichbar.

    Ping-Statistik für
        Pakete: Gesendet = 38, Empfangen = 38, Verloren = 0
        (0% Verlust),
    Ca. Zeitangaben in Millisek.:
        Minimum = 4ms, Maximum = 14ms, Mittelwert = 9ms


  • Hi folks - we have just posted a new wireless driver and software suite that addresses a known issue on a small percentage of systems where the Killer Wireless module will drop the WiFi connection when passing a large amount of traffic. We have worked closely with Microsoft on this, and have identified a fix. This fix has been confirmed with several users that currently have the issue and we have posted a new software package. Please visit the link below to get the new driver:

    This fix will not resolve issues related to the router misbehaving, as that is a router specific problem, however if the issue was specifically with intermittent WiFi drops related typically to heavy traffic, the above should address that.

  • Thanks for the update, unfortunately doesnt change anything here.

    Apart from the contained Software - can you confirm the driver itself is still the same as in the Driver-Only - Package above?

    The driver version displayed on my machine is unchanged: 2017-02-12 / v12.0.0.296

  • Hello,

    I have just bought a top of the line XPS 15 9560 with the Killer 1535. Since day one I have had issues using this machine connected to wifi. I have constant issues with disconnections whilst using RDP, Skype calls etc.

    I just installed the package you linked to, restarted and still having issues. If you need me to check something, test something please let me know as I cannot use this machine as it is!



  • Has anyone had a technician fix the wifi hardware and still face the same problem?

  • Same problem here. Just got this XPS 13 9360 this week. So disappointed with the support level and advice from the support team. Asked to refresh BIOS and wireless drivers. Seem the wireless is not that stable and reliable.

    Lucky I can still connect to 2.4Ghz home wireless. It's a weird problem that I can see my 5Ghz wireless, but cannot connect.

    This is simply a ridiculous problem and really regretted getting this. DELL better fix this fast else the XPS branding gonna be gone soon...

    Should have gotten a macbook instead.

  • I am constantly in touch with killer networking from last 1 month. I have tried new driver they have uploaded on their website and tried all other things. But this *** problem is still there. I am completely fed up now. I don't know what should I really do. Only thing is working for now is setting wireless mode to 2 a/b/g. That's it. It cripples the wifi speed so bad that even watching normal youtube video is painful. Guys, if we can push Dell for this problem that would be great. After all, what is the point of buying a premium laptop? Looks like I made a huge mistake by purchasing this laptop :(

  • SO frustrated! After quite a bit of research I decided to get the XPS 13 9360, which finally showed up 3-4 weeks ago. Since then I've been loosing my wifi connection and the modem is constantly rebooting.

    Initially I was convinced it must be the cable modem. My ISP replaced the modem, changed cables and all connections etc., but it didn't solve anything. Then I came across this thread.

    I spent 1.5hrs on the phone with Dell the other day and they were trying various things to troubleshoot the problem without any success. The last suggestion was to re-install Windows! At that point I snapped! Now Dell wants to send a technician to install another "Killer" card. I'm curious to see how it goes, but am pretty fed up.

    I just can't believe this is an obviously known problem and Dell doesn't do anything about it! We are not talking about a cheap laptop here. The first post was in December right?! So how is it possible that my laptop still has a faulty card in March! And the new drivers which were just posted don't fix anything either!

    Definitely my last purchase from  Dell, and if the new card won't fix the problem I'll return the laptop!

  • Same here. That's very embarrassing for Intel, especially for a "premium" laptop. If I had the opportunity I would have returned this computer. My wifi can't work steadily for more than 15 minutes.

  • I had this problem (and a handful of others) Dell took in the device (took more than the 3-5 business days for repairs) and according to the note that came back with the device they: reseated the device, installed a driver, and replaced the wireless card.  

    Problem recurred instantly.  So basically it's a typewriter except the other problem I had was that it would insert random spaces into words.  So not even that.

    Now I'm on a $500 HP because I need something for exams coming up.

  • So after many weeks on the phone with Dell, sending the device to them and that not fixing it.  Looks like they finally fixed it by sending someone to replace the WiFi card with something other than the Killer one.  (Only been a day though, don't want to jinx it).

    Also, purely out of curiosity, did anyone else encounter this:  on my device, right before--it would shut down the router--I would hear a crackly static from the speakers on my desk.  Every time.  They were only hooked up to a Roku so it was super weird.  Very 'Stranger Things.'

  • I received my new Dell XPS 13 9560 PC, powered it up, and immediately it began crashing my wifi network. This happened repeatedly and would occur anywhere between five minutes and one hour after powering up. Every time this happened, I would have to go to my loft, where my router is, turn the power off and on and wait for the network to come up again. Given I live in a rural area, and use the wifi network for my phone, not only did I lose internet service when this happened, but phone service as well.  

    I was confident the new PC was the cause of the problem, since I’ve had my TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Router for two years and never experienced this issue using our household’s other two computers: a high-end Mac Pro and a $200 HP Stream 11.  Plus, many friends and family have visited me and used their devices with no problem. So, I reported the problem to Dell Support. For four days, they had me installing various drivers and BIOS upgrades. They even had me upgrade the firmware in my router.

    Meanwhile, I’d been researching the issue, Googling “Dell XPS 13 9560 wifi issues” brought up an article from Windows Central, “Having Wi-Fi issues with your Dell XPS 13? Here’s how to fix the problem.” The article went on to state “One small complaint about the stellar Dell XPS 13: The stock wireless card ***.” Their recommended solution: replace the stock Rivet Network’s “Killer” wifi card with the Intel 8265NGWMG wireless card.  For those of you out of warranty, it’s available for about $30 from Amazon. The article takes you step-by-step through the replacement process. Quite easy if you’re careful.

    In my case, with my new PC, I didn’t want to risk voiding the warranty. On Day Four of my email and phone interactions with Dell Support, I brought up the fact that I had done some research and had found this article, plus many forum comments pointing to the Killer wireless card as being the culprit. Immediately, they agreed to have a technician drive to my house and replace the stock Killer wireless card with the Intel 8265NGW.

    It took the technician only a short amount of time to replace the card, install the driver for that card and hand me – at last – a working Dell XPS 13. Now, several days of usage later, the network has yet to fail.

  • had the same issues, followed the instructions on replacement in the above comment. Now everything works just fine with new Intel card