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Dell Latitude D600 Wont Connect to Wireless Netwrok

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Dell Latitude D600 Wont Connect to Wireless Netwrok

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I've got an old Dell Latitude D600, service tag <Admin Note: removed per privacy policy~RK>that I am messing around with and i can not get it to connect to my wireless network. i have the correct driver for my wireless adapter and it shows my network in range with full strength. when i try to connect it says the network may no longer be in range and i should refresh. when refresh it is still there with good strength. when i look my wireless adapter it says it is on but as soon as it brings up the network name everything says "radio off"

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  • Hi,

    Try the following troubleshooting steps which may resolve the issue:

    1. Boot the computer in Safe Mode with Networking. To boot the computer in Safe Mode with Networking, please switch on the computer and start tapping the F8 key which would take you to Advanced Boot Option screen. Using the up and down arrow key, select Safe Mode with Networking to boot the computer into Safe Mode with Networking.

    2. Check the IP address of the wireless connection. Click on Start and type cmd, on the command prompt screen type ipconfig and hit enter. Check for the IP address starting with 192.168….

    3. If you get an IP address starting with 192….ping and check if packets are received. Note down the IP address of

    4. Browse to with the IP address. If the Dell webpage opens, there is an issue with the DNS settings.

    5. Connect the system to the modem directly and check if the system is able to go online. Howver, If the system is not able to go online power cycle the modem and the router.

    Meanwhile, if the wireless LED is off (refer to the picture below), turn it on by using the Fn+ F2 keys on the keyboard.

    Please reply with the results.

    Thanks and Regards
    Vishal S


  • When i do the ipconfig it brings up an ethernet adapter local area connection that says media state disconnected and a wireless network connection with media state disconnected also.

  • Hi,

    The error, media disconnected for Ethernet connection may be due to the reason that the Ethernet cable is not connected to the system.

    As for the media disconnected error on wireless, may be due to the wireless card not getting detected in BIOS. Check the status of wireless in BIOS. To go to BIOS, shut down the system and once you restart keep tapping F2 key, on the BIOS screen use the Shift +P key to go to page no.7. If it is off turn it On. (Refer to the snapshot below)

    Also, would recommend you to connect the Ethernet cable to the system and check if the internet works fine on a wired connection. If no, I would suggest you to power cycle the modem and router.

    If you are able to connect to the internet on wired connection, uninstall and reinstall the wireless adapter. To uninstall the wireless adapter, go to Device Manager and select Network Adapter, find the wireless adapter and right click on it, now choose uninstall and once completed restart the system. Reinstall the wireless drivers from the Dell’s support site. After the drivers are installed configure the wireless connection.

    Hope this information is useful. Please reply with the findings.

    Thanks and Regards
    Vishal S


  • HI,

    Unfortunately we have not received feedback from you on this topic. If you need continued support, please respond.  

    Thanks & Regards
    Vishal S


  • Dear Vishal.

    Came across this thread when I was looking for a solution to the exact same problem. Command <ipconfig /all> returns "Media disconnected." for wireless network adapter "TrueMobile 1300". I can connect to the router using a cable, however, for the wireless adapter nothing seems to work.

    I have tried:

    • Reconfigure the WLAN
    • Uninstall WLAN adapter
    • Update WLAN driver
    • Verify BIOS settings for WLAN

    So far, no change, I still cannot connect to the wireless network. Any additional suggestions you could come up with will be much appreciated.

    Machine used: Dell D 600 Notebook, Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>, Express Service Code <ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>



  • I read this post and I have a dell latitude d600 too. I have the exact same problem from like 6 months. My laptop does not connects to the Wifi which have a password. When I click on connect it says "the network is no longer in range", although it is in range. It easily connects to the wifi which donot have any password and also it connects through a wired connection. Please help me ASAP. 

  • Hi Savita,


    Click on this link to troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues: . Scroll down and check under Issue 15 for a link with troubleshooting steps for this issue.

    Let us know if further help is needed.

    Thanks and regards.
    Babita S

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