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Connected to wireless network but no internet

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Connected to wireless network but no internet

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I have a Dell Inspiron M5040 with Window 7 64 bit.  Just recently it has started giving problems.  I can connect to my wireless network but no internet access.  I have check all the settings like DHCP enabled.  I have an IP address but no internet access.  If I use an ethernet cable I can connect to the network and internet without a problem.  What could be the problem.

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  • Hi ramsbod,

    I request you to provide me more information in regards to the wireless issue. It will help me get an in-depth understanding:
    - When did the wireless issue occur?
    - Did you make any software or hardware changes to the laptop just before the issue occurred?
    - Which anti-virus is installed on the laptop?
    - Please share the name and model number of the wireless router
    - Please share the name and model number of the modem (if present)
    - Do you use a 'security key' to connect to the wireless; or is it an unsecured connection?
    - If it is a secure wireless connection, do you know the wireless network security key?
    - Is the 'Internet connection' a 'Cable' or 'DSL'?
    - Please share the name of the 'Internet Service Provider'

    You may try the following steps to see if that works:
    1. Try 'Safe Mode with Networking': Please try to start the laptop in the diagnostic mode to see if we get the internet access. A corrupt firewall setting or any other third party software application may be blocking the 'Internet access'. Please follow these steps:
    - Power off the laptop
    - Power it back on and repeatedly tap <F8> (If Windows logo appears, please restart your laptop and repeat the steps)
    - Use arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight 'Safe Mode with Networking' option (Mouse is not functional on this screen)
    - Tap <Enter>
    - Desktop screen appears (Icons may look bigger as laptop functions only with the basic drivers)
    - Check the wireless internet access and report

    2. Try to disable the firewall of anti-virus that is installed in the computer and check the result. This laptop is generally shipped with mcafee anti-virus. If Mcafee is installed on your laptop, please follow the steps listed below to disable the mcafee firewall temporarily:
    - Locate the 'McAfee' icon on the taskbar. This is located in the lower right-hand side of your screen next to the clock
    - Right click 'Mcafee' icon and go to 'Settings'
    - Click 'Firewall' (Following screen appears)

    - Click 'Settings'
    - Turn off the 'Mcafee firewall' (Select 15 minutes)
    - Click 'Done'
    - Re-check the 'internet access'
    - If 'Internet works, repeat the same steps to launch Mcafee firewall' interface
    - Click 'Turn On' (following screen appears)

    - Click 'Restore Defaults' and re-check the Internet access

    3. If 'Internet' does not work on disabling Mcafee firewall, you may try removing the 'wireless profile'. This issue also occurs when the profile goes corrupt. Please follow the steps listed below:
    - Open the Network and Sharing Center. There, on the left side column, click on "Manage wireless networks" (Following screen appears)
    - In the 'Manage Wireless Networks' window, you can see the profiles of all the wireless networks which were connected in the past.
    - Select the network with which you are facing trouble, and click 'Remove'

    - Confirm that you want to remove the network profile. The profile of the wireless network is now deleted. Windows will detect that network as if it was a new discovery and you will be able to enter all the details again and connect to it.

    Hope this helps. Do reply with the findings. I would be glad to assist.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurabh A
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