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Dell XPS 14z Knocks my whole connection out

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Dell XPS 14z Knocks my whole connection out

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Hi all,

Im using a Linksys router, when I connect my Dell XPS 14z to the router wirelessly the connection drops out, the DSL and Internet lights go off and re-connect 5 minutes later creating an endless cycle. I'm not sure if it's the laptop settings or the router settings.

Using my mobile phones/xbox360/Alienware m11x the connection is stable and it doesnt drop out, using the XPS 14z makes it go off.

I've updated my network card drivers for the XPS 14z; i've kept playing around with settings on both the laptop and the router but no success, anyone have any ideas?



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  • Hi,

    As you have already updated the wireless card drivers, would suggest you to change the Roaming Aggressiveness in Advanced card properties.
    Go to the device manager, select the wireless card in Network Adapters and right click; select Properties and set Roaming Aggressiveness to lowest setting. Restart the computer and check by connecting wirelessly.
    Refer to the picture below:


    I would recommend you to upgrade the firmware of the router also from the Linksys website .

    If the issue persists reset the router, but this will delete all the network settings in the router and you will have to reconfigure the settings.
    To reset the router hold the reset button until the power light is blinking. Next, power cycle the router and the modem by unplugging the power cables. Reconnect the modem first and when the lights are solid green plug in the power cable of the router. Reconfigure the wireless settings and check by connecting wirelessly.

    Please reply with the results.

    Thanks and Regards           
    Priyanka S