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Issue of wired network connection

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Issue of wired network connection

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I recently bought (40 days ago) a dell inspiron 15R n5110. It has a windows 7 operating system. 2 days back I am trying to connect LAN connection with another laptop by using wired network connection, for which I bought new LAN wired(Over-cross). but when I connect cable to my laptop it doesn't shows any response on screen or in " network and sharing  center" tab

So can anybody solve my problem n help me out of it 

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  • Hi kalpesh421,

    Welcome to the Community,

    Try connecting the system using the Ethernet cable directly to the Wireless router or the Modem.Ideally if the system is detecting the wired connection,on the Ethernet port of the system green light with start flashing along with a  steady amber light.Also if you go the Control Panel,Network and Sharing center,on the right click on Change adapter settings,it should show Local Area Connection.Check what it shows there.Does it say network cable unplugged or Connected ?

    If still it does not pick up the wired connection,turn off the modem/router and system,wait for 30 seconds,first turn on the modem/router and than turn on the system.

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Thank You

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  • Hey Roshan I tryed but my device is not detecting Ethernet wire

  • Lets check if your network card (LAN) is getting detected on the system.Go to Control Panel,Device Manager,expand Network Adapters.Does it show Realtek PCIe FE Controller ?

    If it does right click on it,click uninstall and reboot your system.Go back to device manager and check if the Realtek PCIe FE Controller is back in the list.Now check if the Ethernet cable gets detected.If it still does not work  try a different Ethernet cable.

    When you connect the Ethernet cable does it snap in without any problem?

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