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Dell Wireless 1702 problems.

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Dell Wireless 1702 problems.

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Hi I just recently bought an Inspiron One 2320 and I'm having problems with the wireless card.

The connection to the router is quite bad and I get massive ping spikes every few seconds thus surfing the internet/ watching videos/ and online gaming quite difficult. I have many other wireless devices and each of them are able to connect to the router fine.

Any solutions? Thanks.

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    Are you having a problem connecting to the router? Or do you have a browsing issue? Because there could be 2 things, either computer and router will not connect to each other, or computer is connected(Wirelessly) to router but you cannot browse or visit any website. You can try to update the wireless driver, see this link Download file and Run. Then restart the PC and try connecting again. Let me know of the results.


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  • I've downloaded and ran the file but I still have problems. I disconnect from the router every so often but I disconnect from the internet a lot.

  • NidalPC,


    The Dell™ Wireless 1702 WLAN Half Mini-Card is a 2.4GHz wireless adapter.


    Try using these Recommended Wireless Router Settings I use channel 11. I would make a new SSID to make connecting easier.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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    Try checking the recommended router setting from Rick's reply. If same thing happens, can you try to create a new profile or user under control panel>user. Create an admin account and try going online wirelessly just for us to troubleshoot the computer. If same thing happens, possible hardware failure (Card). Dell can replace parts if this is under warranty.

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