How to remove Internet Eexplorer start up "congratulations on your recent purchase of a dell computer" for every new profiles/user that logs in

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How to remove Internet Eexplorer start up "congratulations on your recent purchase of a dell computer" for every new profiles/user that logs in

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I have tried changing the home page via GPO and registry but it doesnt work.

Also preventing popups/performace settings in GPO doesnt work. I've changed the defaul page and default page url in registry but that doesnt work.

Yes a user can change the IE settings homepage but when a new user logs in they get that same "congrats.." message.

PC is a public work machine.

PC is a Windows 7 64bit PC Dell 790 DT

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  • Hi anthonyb754,

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    I understand that you would like to remove the message ‚Äúcongratulations on your recent purchase of a dell computer‚ÄĚ on IE, when a new user logs onto the computer.

    I would like to inform you that this message on IE is default for Dell factory Image of Windows.

    An easier fix would be to perform a clean installation of Operating System rather than altering the registry. Moreover, Clean OS re installation will also the delete the Dell factory Image partition.

    Once the installation is complete, please apply the GPO.

    Kindly try these steps and let me know of the outcome.

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  • Hi anthonyb754,

    An alternative to reinstalling the operating system would be to treat it as you would spyware that has infected every user who logs on to use IE. While it is, of course, not a malware issue that you are dealing with, the procedure for removing it would be similar.

    My suggestion is to post the required DDS logs on the Malware Removal Forum at SpywareHammer and have the staff trained in malware removal walk you through the diagnostic logs and a cleanup. Please do not attempt to run any additional scans, install software, or use any other tools until an analyst can advise you on the next step. If you use the same username there as you have here, I'll link it to this one and I can ask one of the trained analysts there to handle your post as soon as possible. Help is free, but you will need to register there and follow the posting instructions.

    Good luck!





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