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Hello! I'm having a huge issue with Slow Downloads!!! I don't what is causing it!!! I tried my best to solve the issue and still I'm having the same stressful problem!!!Maybe it's drivers, maybe it's a driver for Network Adapter, maybe it's my Antivirus Firewall, maybe it's something else that I don't know about!!! I checked everywhere even though I'm not a specialist! I was just checking and not fixing for sure anything! I'm using a Network Modem for my connectivity!Windows 7 with 32-bit is my Operating system!Anyone to help???!!! A detailed way can help more!Thank u!

Here' s a link with my Firefox Troubleshooting information, just in case:

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  • Hi imarshall....iv a new dell inspiron 4110(8 months old) and have been facing the same issue. Its been a really bugging problem, as it seems to be related to dell and microsoft win  7 home premium (dunno which os you are running). My old acer (win xp) gives excellent speeds on same connnection. another new acer (win7 ultimate) also has no issues. have been trying various configurations, lemme know if something works for you. iv read about similar problems in hundreds of threads, and its surprising how a solution has not been arrived at by Microsoft/ the hardware guys...

  • It's been 2 days that the normal Downloads speed came back!!!

  • what did you do???

  • I did almost nothing!!! I just allowed all inbound and outbound connections with Windows Firewall Advanced Security!