Vostro 460 Network card not found Code 31 need to reboot 3 to 4 times

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Vostro 460 Network card not found Code 31 need to reboot 3 to 4 times

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I have 10 Vostro 460s, the network cards are not being found on startup.  You have to reboot the systems 3-4 times to get Windows to find the Network cards.  All drivers are up to date.  This may be related to a Windows update, since the machine were fine for a month or so until an Update came out.


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  • Hello, I experienced this issue with a customers PC recently

    I did the BIOS reset and it didn't work.

    I did manage to fix the issue by doing the following:

    Boot into the BIOS setup;

    Go to Advanced and find the On board Lan Controller.  Set to Disabled, Save and F10.

    Let the PC Restart and go into Windows normally.

    Restart the PC and repeat the procedure with the BIOS but setting to Enabled.

    F10 and restart.

    Allow to boot into windows and it should find the device and install the software.

    Its too early to tell if its a permanent fix or not, but it worked straightaway.

    I hope this helps you..?


  • This started happening to one of our Vostro 460 PCs purchase in May of 2011. Rebooting multiple times worked the first time it happened... Resetting the BIOS the second time... but not the third time. Tried the motherboard password reset, received the message about the BIOS being reloaded, the computer started in windows but no joy. The machine is now out of warranty. Is dell honoring free motherboard replacements on these units despite no longer being under warranty?
  • Same Issue with my PC.. so fare i used a wireless adapter, now using the machine again on wire i regognised the issu.