Laptop only connects at 65Mbps to SKY 'N' router

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Networking, Internet, Wireless
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Laptop only connects at 65Mbps to SKY 'N' router

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Hi everyone,

I have a Vostro 1015 laptop, the internal wireless adapter is a 'Dell Wireless 1702 802.11 b/g/n'. I have just upgraded my sky broadband router to there new 'N' router which can connect up to 128Mbps. My wife connects at 128Mbps but I only connect at 65Mbps. My question is if my wifi adapter is an 'N' type why am I connecting at 65Mbps and not at 128Mbps. I do have pro support on my laptop but I think this is only for hardware problems.

The full connection speed for there new N router is 128Mbps. The Sky router is not the problem here, I think it is in the area of the Dell Wireless adapter maybe the settings. can someone help please.

My laptop dual boots windows 7 & Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu also connects at 65Mbps


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  • Hi, from what I've read in other post on this matter, it's the wifi card. I believe you have an Athros which gives you a lower connection speed. With the Intel Wifi card you get a higher connection speed. I have this same problem although I have seen the connection speed higher during actual utilization. Try streaming something and check will processing running.