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Centrino wirelessN 1030 intermittent connectivity on brand-new laptops

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Centrino wirelessN 1030 intermittent connectivity on brand-new laptops

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I saw some other mentions online of intermittent internet connectivity using the factory-installed Intel Centrino wireless-N 1030 card on various new Dell computers running Windows 7, but didn't see any resolution to the problem.


I can connect directly to my router via an ethernet cord, but trying to use the wireless card gives me intermittent connectivity.  I will pretty quickly lose the ability to load a new page if I'm browsing with IE or Firefox, and can regain it (temporarily) by disconnecting/reconnecting or letting the wireless manager troubleshoot, during which it resets the wireless adaptor.  Doing a continuous ping of my router gives me anywhere from 30-70% data loss and lengthy round trips (I am currently one foot away from the router).  Other (ancient!) computers work fine on my router; I have updated the router's firmware/reset it many times, etc).  I didn't specifically go download a new driver for the wireless card, but going into its properties and having it search for an updated driver results in it reporting it already has the most up-to-date driver.


I spent a lot of late nights talking to Dell support, and their eventual fix (after a complete reinstall from the factory setting partition) was to set up my home network as a WEP, which I'm not happy with due to it's poor security compared to WPA2/WPA.  This appeared to resolve the connectivity issue (why??).  But I feel like I should be able to use WPA2 security with a brand-new laptop.  So I changed it back to WPA2/WPA and tried installing all the critical updates that Windows Update could find, including SP1, and then looked at some continuous pings of various webpages and of my router itself.


Then I noticed my ping round trip time was awesome and they were 100% successful while my computer was plugged in with the power cord, but this unfailingly changed to reporting unsuccessful pings and having 1000ms round trips as soon as I disconnect the power.  Seems like the on-battery power settings are starving the wireless card???


Also, I'm sure my initial intermittent connectivity (before the complete OS reinstall) was still occurring while plugged in with the power cord, so I'm not sure if the reinstall fixed some aspect of the problem, or whether the appearance of success while plugged in now is just temporary.  Perhaps my card is just bad and I need a new one?  I was hoping you could help me attempt to resolve this with power setting changes.  If that is the fix, it would certainly help other users as well --- I'm using the factory default power settings and the factory-installed wireless card (and I couldn't choose a different wireless card when I built my laptop), so I assume this is a widespread problem.  Thanks!!



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  • I am facing the same problem.

    I downloaded both drivers, first i disabled the bluetooth and installed date: 1/13/2012, it worked only for 3 hours, speed was excellent, after 3 hours, my wifi got disconnected. I disabled N Mode in adapter properties, also try lot of changes one by one but in vain. Then I uninstalled the driver, and installed the 2nd one date: 1/12/2012 but nothing happened.

    before doing this, I have checked all the properties options of wifi adapter.

    I have disabled blutooth device from device manager.

    I un-installed the driver for wi-fi and re-install it.

    I have deleted all the internet connections and made new one.

    Other than these, I have tried many other registry solutions, firmware update, bla bla..

    I cant understand why dell is still using this wifi adapter even after getting so many complaints. I read many forums, almost every user of this laptop complaining about wifi but no solution. Is this a problem of wifi or its incompatibilty with router?

    I bought new Dell Inspiron 15R (n5110) 3 weeks ago. It has Intel Centrino N-1030 wifi adapter. For 1 week, its wifi worked fine on its Windows 7. But afterwards, it started dropping the signal after every hour. Now since last 8 days, i am unable to connect my laptop with wifi but my two room mates are enjoying full speed of internet. 5 other people in next room are using the same connection and they never faced any problem. I googled the problem , find some ways but none of them worked. Even i am disappointed by reading some posts on some forums that there is no solution for this problem. I have to replace the wifi adapter from N 1030 to N-6230. But I dont know, form where I can replace this. Currently I am living in Dubai, UAE. Can anyone help me please. is there no solution for this problem? really?

    Please reply me as soon as possible..

  • Dell replaced my 1030 with a 6230, under warranty, and all my problems were solved!  Call Dell and demand an "upgrade" to the 6230-believe me, this will cure the problem.  DON'T try to install it, it is simply too difficult, now-it's under the keyboard!

  • Thanks for your reply DAMIII,

    I already got an appointment for today for check-up. But I also find many complaints from users of 6230. I don't want to feel embarrassed after replacement of wifi if it was not faulty. Maybe any other solution might work. Anyhow, I am going to take risk and replacing the part. But I dont know, will they replace it or not, if yes, then which wifi adapter they will install.

    I will tell you the results tomorrow. hope for the best.

  • I went to the dell suggested service center today in Dubai, but they refused to install N-6230 in 15R. They said, its not company policy, we can replace with the same adapter. I speak a lot but in vain. What the hell to do with warranty.

    They replaced N-1030 with another N-1030 and I am sure the problem will remain same.

    They said, if the problem still come again, then we will re-install operating system. And i think if after installing the new window, if the problem still remain, then i will throw out my laptop out of window. But I will keep going because luckily they are close to my office. I bought only tension after spending 3000+ AED. They snatched my smile. Very disappointed.

  • Well, the 6230 is cheap and if Dell will install it, you will be happy.  Now, if you don't need bluetooth, the 6300 is EVEN BETTER!

  • I dont need bluetooth. I asked If i insist for N-6230, they said, you can buy it form outside , we will install that, but warranty will void. We only put compatible parts in each models.

    No problem, I will check for two more days, if problem exists, then i will buy N6230. Its available for 250/- AED here.

    But may be N-6230 also creat problem then what? Users are also complaining about N6230.

  • If you DON'T need bluetooth, BUY THE 6300!  I had one and it is a very fine card, but I need bluetooth.  I'm sorry Dell is treating you this way.  In my opinion, the 1030 is nearly useless.

  • Hi Kashi, sorry Dell has caused you (and all of us) so much headache with this issue.

    Have you tried going to "advanced power management" and setting it to maximum performance?  It worked for me.  

  • Even after replacement of the adapter, the problem is still there, no difference, I believed this goona happen.

    Thanks for replies Damii

    thanks for your reply shiregator,

    Yes, this was the first method which i tried but it didnt worked for me...

  • The router is working fine for other laptops.

    My Laptop is working fine with other routers.

    What is the incompatibility between Dell Inspiron 15R (5110) Wifi Adapter N-1030 and D-Link Router Dir-615 N300?

  • The problem is the 1030: I have a netgear dual band, and I had the problem.

  • Hi, firstly sorry for my english. I was serching the web for this issue and on this page i see that you guys have same problem like me... I have an old router WPA-D-Link DI 614+ and dell xps l502i with wireless intel centrino N 1030, i have WIN 7 ultimate x64 and if i change my router settings from WEP to WPA-PSK my dell cannot connect to the router... in WEP everything works fine but i would like to have WPA :/  i think it is not router problem because other notebook (samsung with broadcom card and WIN 7 starter x32) can connect to the router with WPA. I installed newest (2006 :/) firmware from dlink and i installed newest drivers for my wifi intel card, i've also tried to restart/reboot router and computer, i tried it on battery and with AC/DC i tried on max settings for energy... nothing helped. I have no idea what to do... i guess i just must stay with WEP :/ or buy new router. maybe you guys know what should i do? 

  • ukib,


    Did you try WPA-PSK(TKIP) Security (Personal)?


    I use these Recommended Wireless Router Settings I use channel 11 and have not had a wireless device that would not connect. I do NOT have an1030 adapter, so I cannot say if it works or not.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • I had a 1030 in my 17R, delivered this January.  Dell exchanged it for a 6230, and ALL OF MY PROBLEMS WERE IMMEDIATELY CURED!

  • yes i've tried wpa-psk (tkip) and this settings doesnt work for my dell... i have my router on 6 channel, i'll try 11 but i dont think it will solve the problem. I'd like to buy N standard router in the future, and i hope it solve the problem if not I'll replace N1030 card for other one but hopefully dell will do this for me...