Dell Studio 1555

Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

Dell Bluetooth 370 w/ Dell BT Travel Mouse


"Adding the device failed resulting in an unknown error. The reported error code is: 0x80070057"

The wireless bluetooth Dell mouse stopped working so I should have just restarted but instead I removed device and tried to readd it and it gave me this error. Even after I restart I get this error. 

I have now even tried to uninstall the wincomm bluetooth software and

I know it has to be a registry link somewhere that I need to remove then it will pair properly. I do not want to reformat again to get this to work right... I have consistently had problems with the bluetooth and windows 7 since final release. I ran W7 Beta without a single problem for 7 months on this same laptop, bluetooth worked great nothing wrong. Final edition is out and bluetooth constantly crashes on here and has one issue or another and always ends up with me reformatting. I'm just getting sick of this and about to buy a Mac... Someone please help.