XPS M1530 Bluetooth and Biometric reader driver for Windows 7

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XPS M1530 Bluetooth and Biometric reader driver for Windows 7

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Good afternoon. Newbie forum user here wondering how do I get the drivers for my Dell XPS M1530 as I have just upgraded to Windows 7 Proffessional.

I have tried to download some updates from the official Dell site via my Service Tag and it gives me the oppertunity to download but only the 10kb file which when I click on it it does nothing.

I have used my DVD of drivers but the Bio and Bluetooth drivers are not on there.


Can anyone help?




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  • I'm not at all familar with your devices -- but if the file you got from Dell is a .bin file then it's not a self executing/installing file --- like routers when upgrading the firmware with a .bin file, the file has to installed by the device through it's GUI menu

       A 10Kb file size does sound quite small -- but you never know

      If it's truly a driver that you need - W7's "Windows Update" usually does a good job a finding any needed drivers - but if it is a .bin type of firmware that's needed Windows Update won't help

    Maybe if you Chat w/Dells support - they can direct you a little better -- the chat should connect faster than using phone support

  • It just dawned on me that if you upgraded to W7 using your serv. code on the Dell driver update site might not be the thing to do because it will be looking for drivers for your previous OS

       You may want to check for a possible compatibility issue here -- http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/default.aspx

  • To get the biometrics fingerprint reader working, go to the UPEK website and download their driver.