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E1505 Pro wireless keeps disconnecting

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E1505 Pro wireless keeps disconnecting

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My wifi has full signal but randomly disconnects me. I have tried updating the drivers from both Dell, which has the latest version of 2007 and intel Pro Wireless site which has 2010 as the latest. I still randomly get disconnected adn have to chose "repair" to reconnect.

I have also tried various wifi channels, rebooting modem (at&t uverse) and still no luck. Any ideas for me?



Dell Inspiron E1505 XP SP3 

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  • I'm having a similar problem with an E1505. For the first 3+ years I had no issues.  On my home network (ATT DSL w/ Linksys router) it connects and stays connected just fine, no change.

    At my parents house (Verizon Fios router), it connects, but disconnects and reconnects ever ~10-15 seconds.  I can browse, but it take a long time.  I was able to remedy this by assigning it a static IP address and it had no more problems for the full week I was visiting. 

    At the hospital (work - unknown router) it does the same disconnect and reconnect thing, but the static IP thing does not fix anything.

    Darren - does yours reconnect right away like mine or does it stay off?  I wonder if it's the same thing.

  • No, mine stays disconnected. But if I right click and choose "repair", this wil remedy my problem until it disconnects again. Mine happens about every 30mins to an hour.

  • I had this problem during 2 years, when y change my HDD of my XPS-8000 to a SDD i made a fresh W7 Install on Raid mode and the problem disappear, on time I decide to download all new drivers, and the problem came back again, so i followed this procedure:

    Control Panel - Hardware & Sound - Devises and Printers - PC(Your PC name) - Hardware - Dell Wireless 1505... - Properties - Change settings - Driver - Roll Back Driver

    This may work If you had no problem in the last driver, but if it doesn't work you should try to backup all your files and erase all your HDD and make a clean W7 Install

  • This thread is 4 years and refers to the Inspiron E1505/6400 with the Intel Wireless 3945/4965 wireless card and Windows XP which is pretty much at End of Life. It does not refer to the Dell Wireless 1505 Card although some of these models had that Wireless card.

    The latest driver for the Dell Wireless 1505 card is here:

    Driver 7×86, 7×64: http://ftp.dell.com/network/R250808.exe

    This is newer than listed on the XPS 8000 Drivers and Downloads Page and might help with your specific issue.

    Philip Yip


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