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Dell Inspiron 1520 'This computer does not have a wireless network adapter'

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Dell Inspiron 1520 'This computer does not have a wireless network adapter'

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I've just recently reformatted my dell laptop as a few days ago. I wasn't able to sign into 2 out of 3 of my usernames 1 one of which being the admin. It was my first time of reformating a pc and i'm pretty sure i've done everything correctly. Now onto the issue i'm here to talk about, well, i bought my laptop of display at a shop since it was the last one they had in stock (last year around christmas time) the box had already been opened but i assumed everything was in the box. So now i've reformated my laptop and everything seems fine, untill i try to connect to the internet. I have a perfectly fine wireless router sitting right next to my computer of which has been working (and still is). It seems the only way i can get internet on my laptop is through a wired connection meaning i can't go no further than what 2 metres away from the box Indifferent whenever i search for networks the box comes up empty (when i click on conect to a network) i then click diagnose the problem and it says that 'This computer does not have a wireless network adapter'. I obviously do as i was surfing the net 2 days ago perfectly fine wirelessly. I must also add that i have downloaded quite a few drivers trying to get to the problem + drivers for my intergrated webcam and quickset. 

Also under device manager when i go to network adapters only broadcam 440x 10/100 intergrated controller comes up, whilst on my friends they've got stuff to do with intel under that section too. Under Network adapters theres a section; Other devices, everything under that has an ! next to it Base System(!) & Network Controller(!)

I'm only 15, please mind my writing skills, if you don't understand please just say and i'll try and explain my cause abit more.

Please get back to me soon, if there's anything you need to know my problem for sure i'm fully willing to share.


Thank you :)

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  • Most likely you just have to reinstall the driver for the wireless network adapter now that you have reinstalled the operating system. Go to, go to Drivers & Downloads, and the model of computer you have. That should at least get the adapter working, but you might still have to do some configration of the wireless settings afterwards.

  • I have been through the networking section to do with drivers, but theres soo many... i don't have a clue which one i need, also you talk of configuring it afterwards, could you or anyone possibly guide me throug hthe process i need to take in order to get my wireless internet back?

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  • I'm having the same problem right now and downloaded the drivers and the wireless is still not working.

    Please advise

  • hey you go, seen as your having the same problem as me, this should work (hopefully)

    By the way it fixed my problem :D

    Get back to me on this, tell me if it works for you :)

  • Did this solution permanently fix your problem? I downloaded that driver and was able to access a wireless network before I continued to get the same error message that you originally posted...

  •  Ethanah,


    On a reformatted hard drive or a clean installation you need to install the drivers in order.



    The Desktop/Notebook Utility needs to be installed first(if applicable), then the chipset drivers. If they are NOT installed first, then the rest of the drivers will fail to install.





    Since the operating system was re-installed did you remember to go to drivers and downloads, enter your service tag(DO NOT POST SERVICE TAG here or your post will get deleted, since it contains your personal information), and install these drivers in this order.


    Idea Hint Idea When downloading the drivers, make a folder for each drivers and name it with the device it belongs with to make it easier to install them in the proper order.

    Desktop System Software or Notebook System Software(if applicable)
    Chipset or SMBus driver
    Processor Driver (if applicable)
    Audio (sound)
    Input Drivers (keyboard/mouse)
    Network Card

    QuickSet(Laptop only)





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

    Original poster, If you have solved your problem, can you please mark the correct thread(s) with your solution. Thanks 

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