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Wi-fi for Optiplex GX620 SFF

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Wi-fi for Optiplex GX620 SFF

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Does anybody have any recommendations for a wi-fi card for a GX620 SFF?  The computer has the following card slots:  one PCI-e x1 and one PCI-e x16.  I can find full size PCI and mini PCI-e cards, but not the ones to fit my computer!  I'm surprised I'm having such a difficult time.

I prefer a card that would work well with my wireless router, which is a Netgear Rangemax WPN824.  Netgear made (a few years back) a WPN311 wireless adapter which is a full size PCI card.  They also have/had a WPN111 USB wireless adapter, which I'll purchase if I can't find a suitable PCI-e adapter.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Howard

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  • Any reason you don't want to buy a USB wireless device?

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