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Latitude E5400 and 5300AGN wireless problems

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Latitude E5400 and 5300AGN wireless problems

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[EDIT] - I'd like to know if we're the only ones experiencing this!!   It's not specifically the 5300AGN adapter, nor the Latitude but the combination of the two together.  The system ROCKS! with a 1510 (two antenna) adapter.??? 

We ordered several Latitude E5400's Windows XP Pro (SP3) with the Intel 5300AGN and after thorough 802.11n testing, have come to the conclusion that there is a serious performance problem with this combination, resulting in less than favorable throughput rates of (52Mbps (+/-) upload and 62Mbps(+/-) download).Sad


Cisco 4404 Wireless LAN Controller (ver.
Access Points: 1142AGN and 1252AGN
802.11n - 20MHz channel


  1. downloaded the latest INTEL drivers (Version released 12/10/2009)
  2. verified the Client advanced wireless settings
  3. updated the BIOS for the DELL E5400 (A15 released 12/1/2009)

As this didn't resolve the issue, we took the wireless adapter out and installed it in an E6400 resulting in throughput rates of 81Mps(+/-)upload and 89Mbps(+/-) download .
So we decided to do more testing with the following wireless adapters in the E5400:

Broadcom 1505/1510
Broadcom BCM94321MC
Intel 4965AGN

These results were satisfactory with average rates of 79Mbps(+/-) upload and 86Mbps(+/-) download .

Thinking maybe it was just with the original 5300 adapter, we tried different Intel 5100 and 5300 adapters.  Using the same scenario as those with the other adapters, again we only averaged rates of 52Mbps (+/-) upload and 64Mbps(+/-) download .Sad

Still looking for answers.  I would like to know what Dell's lab tests look like.

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  • We have the EXACT same issue.  Latitude E5400 wireless works great with every adapter we have tested but the Intel 5100 and 5300. 

    I wonder if DELL is looking at this.

    Dave Baughn
    Network Engineer II
    Wellmont Health System

  • I have come to the conclusion after messing around for quite a while on 2 systems (a Lattitude E5400 running XP and a brand new Studio 15 running Windows/7 that the Intel 5100 AGN card has serious problems. Both systems drop and have become essentially worthless. I've noticed that this is not a problem exclusive to Dell systems nor to Linksys (I have a WRT54G2 that worked flawlessly with old card on an older Inspiron.)

    It seems to me that Dell (and other manufacturers) need to push Intel to get the problems resolved - or replace the faulty hardware.


  • Hi

  • We had that problem, but when we turned off support for 11n Mode for 2.4GHz High Throughput (in Cisco WLC) it went away,   

    Could be you have interference (microwave, cell phone, cordless phone, blue tooth, wireless printer, etc.) in the 2.4GHz band and it's causing the signal to drop.  Make sure you've tweaked the Advanced settings for your 5100AGN for optimal performance (if you haven't already).

    I personally have a Studio 15 with the 5100AGN and WRT54G and have had no problems.  I haven't bothered to run throughput tests on it though, as the WRT54G only supports 54Mbps in the 2.4GHz band.  I'll wait until I've upgraded my router to the WRT160N.

    Dave Baughn
    Network Engineer II
    Wellmont Health System

  • Well I went back and took another look and may have found at least one item that looks like it may have contributed a major part to my troubles. There was a second Wireless Adpater - a virtiual Wi-Fi miniport that I disabled. Once this "non-entity" was disabled, I have been able to keep the connections up and seem to be working as well as with my old laptop and pcmia wireless adapter card.

    I'm still not convinced there is not a problem with the Intel cards, but at least I seem to be working now.