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dell vostro 1015 WinXP wireless driver

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dell vostro 1015 WinXP wireless driver

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Could anybody help me to find suitable WinXP wireless driver for dell vostro 1015.

I downloaded a WinXP driver for Dell Vostro 1015 from dell web site but it is not working.

When I try to install this driver, an error message apears. The message tells that ""QMI device is missing"".

Please, give me a solution to my problem and help me to find a suitable driver.

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  • Same problem....give us idea for solutionAngry

  • have you gone to the control panel to uinstall the drivers from  the wireless adaptor and then tried reinstalling them? there is a possibility that your driver might be corrupt and needs to be replaced but you will need to uninstall it first for it to work.

  • mmm no i try it,but nothing.I think the driver is another,not this in driver section

  • Where is the solution?Is there anybody to help solving QMI not found exception while installing wireless driver.

  • Solution wireless problem on Windows XP: or

  • hii this is balu,i bought dell vostro 1015 latop,but im not satisfied,my laptop is going on several problems,ny laptop is not accepted windows xp,its supported only windows 7, i need not windows 7, i want to windows xp, and i have not any drivers, this laptop is not work to wi-fi , bluetooth,   tell me wat am i doing now?  i hope to my laptop going on good work

      pls tel me as soon as possible,