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Where is the "Wireless Switch" for Studio 1440 (14z)??

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Where is the "Wireless Switch" for Studio 1440 (14z)??

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First of all, if anyone can send me a direct link to email Canadian techinical support, that's be great (I can find it on the US Dell website but not the Canadian Dell website..)

So I finally got my replacement laptop today (the first one was damaged out of the box; they sent me a another one). As per the instruction that came with the laptop, I downloaded the latest BIOS and drivers.

Whilst installing one of the driver "Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth". I got this message "Activate Bluetooth using Wireless Switch" and the installation process paused. Where is this wireless switch and how do I turn it on?? It seems like it's waiting for me to do something otherwise the process won't continue/complete.

At first I assumed it meant I should turn the wirelss networking card on so I pressed the F2 key... it didn't help.

Any suggestions welcome.

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  • do you have a bluetooth card installed? the wireless swith is on one side or another, usually a slide switch. Then again it might be a keyboard key. All the Dells I have seen it is a switch on the outside. Have you looked at the manuals Dell offers. Go to Dell support and drivers. Click drivers and downlods.. find model of your notebook, when you get to the driver page, look to the left and find manuals.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Yes my Studio 1440 does come with Dell Wirless 365 Bluetooth installed. I tried looking carefully at the latptop exterior, no such "switch" found. I did look at the manual, there's nothing on it about bluetooth. I did go to the Dell download driver page, I cannot find any help there either. I also tried Google and read various posts from various forums... no luck. Did however see some posts with the exact same problem, with no solutions whatsoever =(

    Anyone with the same Studio 1440? Are you able to use your bluetooth??

  • Problem solved.

    Since I couldn't find any solutions online, I ended up calling Dell tech support. Turns out that they forgot to installed Bluetooth on my Studio; a technician installed the chip today and it seems to be working now.

  • hey first of all i have studio 1440/14z, a beautiful machine with a problem. there's a fault in the motherboard so i would advise you to get extended warranty as mine was perfectly timed to stop turning on less than a week outside a year, and from the internet i'm not the first. secondly if its the wireless internet button your looking for its one of the F buttons at the  top left,  there will be a tower type picture also on the button if you press that you should turn it on.  hope that helps