First here are my computer specs: Inspiron E1505 with Intel PROset/Wireless 3945ABG and running XP SP3.

Well, starting from the top, here are my problems:

  • My wireless adapter started shutting itself off after a random amount of time using it (usually less than half an hour). Fn+F2 didn't work, so to get it working again I had to totally shut down the computer (not just restart it, which I tried) and start it up again.
  • The next day, PROset/Wireless started saying "no supported wireless adapter in the system" when the adapter was still listed in device manager.
  • When trying to update the driver multiple times, cmd would pop up and give me an error saying "...has performed an illegal operation" while clicking "ignore" leads to an endless cycle of more errors.
  • Trying to install the newer software gives me an error saying the "installation source doesn't match..."
  • When trying to uninstall the software on the comp, I get an error that says the PROset/Wireless installation is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled.

I could use windows to manage the wireless, but it would also shut itself off after a while. Crying  It had been working just fine for a long time...I don't have any idea what could've caused this - I haven't installed anything or changed anything on my computer.......

--EDIT-- Now PROset/Wireless is up again somehow. But I'm not sure how to get rid of this message: "Intel PROSet/Wireless Software version does not support driver Please either update the driver to one of the following versions: 10.5.1.X; or update the software to 12.0.0.X;" I can't get either option installed because of the problems mentioned above. T_T   I have no clue how to get around this, so please help me if you can :)