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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, on which I had to install a new hard drive and I reinstalled Windows XP, SP2 from the reinstallation CD I received from Dell Technical Support. The wireless Internet card in the computer is not being recognized, and I can't connect to the Internet. I have downloaded all the drivers from the Dell Support website, and installed them.  There was no driver for the Wireless network card.  When you look at Programs, Accessories, Communications, Network Connections, it refers to a Bluetooth connection.  But I never had a Bluetooth connection.  I had a normal Internet connection from a Dell router.

What am I missing?


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  • 1. operating system

    2. notebook system software

    3. chipset driver

    4. everything else

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  • According to the link you sent which you need to delete it  because it links to the Drivers page and displays your service tag number which is against the TOS of this forum

    You do not have a wireless adapter in the computer according to the listing on that page. If you had one it would list it on that page. The only network driver it lists is the Broadcom ethernet driver.

    If you do have a wireless card in the system you will need to open the system 

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    and look at the card to id it. then go to the non service tag option on the Drivers and download page to find it.


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  • There is a wireless network adapter on the computer because we have been using it wirelessly for 2½ years.  The problem is that I had to install a new hard drive and the wireless network adapter isn't being recognized.  I looked at Device Manager, and it lists the following devices:

    Bluetooth Radios

       Dell wireless 350 Bluetooth module

    Network Adapters

       1394 Net Adapter

       Bluetooth device (personal area network)

       Bluetooth device (RFCOMM proto)

       Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller

    Other Devices

       Network Controller (it says the driver isn't installed)

       PCI Modem (it says the driver isn't installed)

    So what I need to know is what device connects the computer to the wireless router, and how to I get it to work?  Do I need to download additional drivers from the Dell website?  I have another computer that is working and is connected to the Internet.



  • The network controller in other devices is probably your wireless network card. You will need to open up your laptop and see what wireless card you have installed so that you can download the correct drivers for it. Go here and select the model computer you have and look at the service manual to see how to access your wireless nic.


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  • Dell Technical Support, which is in Manila, Philippines, spent many hours wih me on the telephone.  We tried all the drivers from the Dell website for this model computer and nothing worked.  Finally he found the driver for Intel Proset Wireless 2200 and it worked.  This was the best computer technical support I have ever experienced.  They were great.  It always pays to get the extended guarantee with a compter because this computer is over 3 years old, but it is still under guarantee.