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Dell XPS M1530 - Bluetooth 355 and Windows 7

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Dell XPS M1530 - Bluetooth 355 and Windows 7

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I just installed Windows 7 on my M1530, and everything works flawlessly...EXCEPT bluetooth.  I downloaded the drivers from the dell website (for vista 32bit), but when I try to install it says "Press Fn+F2 or turn on the wireless switch".  The wireless switch is already on, and I press Fn+F2, but to no avail.  It worked fine on Vista Home Premium 32bit.  I tried running the install file in compatibility mode too, to no avail.


Anyone know how to make it work?

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  • Hello,

    Finally I found a solution for making the bluetooth module to work.

    1. You need to force Windows 7 to detect the bluetooth module, so download the Dell patch: R159805

    2. At this time, the bluetooth module should be detected and installed by Windows 7

    3. Go to Dell support and download the latest driver for the bluetooth module (for Dell XPS 1530) R140135

    4. Install the driver. It will update the module's firmware

    By now, your Bluetooth 355 module should work properly!
    I hope this will help you.

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  • That totally worked! Thank you. Dell should change the info associated with that patch. It does not say that it's compatible with the XPS M1530.

  • Thanks a lot buddy.

    It did work. I wasted lot of time yesterday in order to make this work. Now after your help I was able to make this work.

    Basically we need to install the first item you have mentioned and then if you need dell software third item.

    Thanks again,


  • @reverso: thanks a lot're a saviour!! i called dell support and they said that 1530's bluetooth wont work in W7 and that there's no workaround.... but ha!!  love u man!

  • Too bad Dell support is useless.  I had the same problem, and I'm going to try the driver mentioned above by reverso...


    - Dan

  • I don't use windows 7  and i have xps 1330 but step #1 totally solved my problem.  I've been searching for sooooooooo long.


    THANK YOU!  Big Smile

  • Now once again I am not able to connect samsung wep870 bluetooth. Windows 7 shows error. It is listed under devices but with error "Needs troubleshooting".

    Any help?


  • Hello Scadaguru,

    I've the same issue with a bluetooth headset.
    Windows 7 can make working mic and hp together.

    The best result for me was to make the mic working and having sound on my laptop hp.

    I hope drivers or a patch will be released asap.

    Maybe you can define in control panel your samsung headset as default peripheral for input and output sound ?
    This tricks works for giving sound on HDMI output

  • I tried this, and it seemed to work I made it recognize it, but now it's telling me that it will only run for vista. I'm using windows 7, and even before upgrading it's aways had a problem with bluetooth, either it wouldn't turn on or off, currently it won't turn off but it won't allow me to connect to anything either.

  • Hm, I have had the same problem for months now.  I tried the fix that was listed above but it did not work - when I clicked to install a screen popped up for a micro-second that said "No Capable Devices Found."  I hope this isn't a bigger issue.  Any ideas?  Thanks a million in advance - this problem is killing me and as stated before Dell Support is negative help.

  • This worked like a charm on my XPS M1530.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Thank you for help , I had the same problem.

  • Your link works! Thanks!

  • I made an account just to tell you how much I love you.

    A lot :)

  • NICE!!!

    Just picked up a OEM Dell 355 module for my XPS M1530 on ebay and installed it in like 2 minutes and used you're instructions on driver install and it worked perectly..  thrilled to have my Dell BT travel mouse back in action :)