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‘Disable Upon Wired Connect’

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‘Disable Upon Wired Connect’

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I’m a new member and of course I have a problem. I bought a reconditioned Latitude D610 that worked fine with our home wireless network until I bought a replicator. When I removed it from the replicator to work in another room the wireless internet stopped working. My other computers in the house work just fine on the wireless network, so I know the router is okay.

The XP and Dell wireless icons in the tray show I'm connected @ 54.0 mbps, but when I open IE and try to go to my home page or any web page, I get a white page that says I'm not connected to the web. I downloaded the latest driver for the 1470 wireless card. That didn't fix the problem, but in the read me file it talks about the fix for the 'disable upon wired connection' problem. I think that may be my problem. I guess my question is where is the switch and how do I enable the wireless agian? The radio switch (fn-F2) doesn't seem to make any difference. It turns the radio antenna on and off but that doesn't fix the wireless access to the Internet. Help me, please!

Regards, BJ


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  • 2 places to look...

    1) If you're using Dell QuickSet , open it and goto the location profiler.  In there you'll see an option (General Mobility Settings) to enable/disable adapter switching (modify settings to see it).  By default this is not enabled.

    2) goto network card properties, click on configure, goto advanced tab and find "Disable upon wired connect" in the list.  Again, disabled by default so I doubt this is your problem...



  • Thanks for the reply. I found the Dell Quick Set icon in the task bar tray, but I can't find the network card properties. Could you give me a hint where to look for the network card?

  • Different ways but easiest to explain is to go through control panel, then open the network connectoins applet.  Right click on the network that you need to modify, select properties...